TwoEyes VR: Capture VR content as you see it

Capture photos with TwoEyes VR 360

Virtual reality provides an avenue for capturing and enjoying photos, as well as videos, with a level of immersion that’s almost lifelike. Taking inspiration from a range of VR cameras available right now, the TwoEyes VR camera is able to capture an even greater canvas of immersive photos and videos using four lenses arranged similar to our eyes – replicating a perspective of what we can see. Tagged as the world’s first binocular stereoscopic VR camera, TwoEyes VR targets the mainstream consumer by enabling anyone to capture more detailed everyday moments in a more convenient way.

Powered by the virtual reality revolution, the TwoEyes VR camera improves your usual photos and videos in a way that can be enjoyed as if you were right in the moment. It’s equipped with four high-definition camera lenses that shoots up to 4K resolution, essentially trying to produce content as if they were captured by your very eyes. Each of these lenses have a field of view of 180 degrees and are spaced 65 millimeters apart – the real distance between your eyes – which helps to effectively shoot 360-degree content with a realistic depth and clarity. It’s lightweight at just 200 grams, and small enough for you to take anywhere or mount onto your favorite camera accessory, so you can easily shoot 360-degree content anywhere and anytime you want.

TwoEyes VR lets you capture content in a variety of modes such as 360-degree VR and 3D photos and videos, providing you a range of options that you can choose depending on how you want to see and share your content. With integrated support for easy sharing to online media platforms such as YouTube 360, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as built-in support for media playback in 3D TVs and VR headsets, TwoEyes VR lets you enjoy watching your captured immersive media in a variety of ways. Built-in motion sensors enable two general shooting modes based on how you hold TwoEyes VR. Hold or mount it in portrait orientation, and it will record in a single-lens mode for general photos and videos. The VR capture mode is activated once you position it in landscape, which shoots 3D and 360-degree content.

Capture Photos with TwoEyes VR 360

Equipped with a 2,000-mAh battery, TwoEyes VR can shoot VR content for much longer than other similar VR cameras. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and its 128 GB of internal storage is more than enough for lots of immersive content. All of its four lenses work together to capture 4K video with a resolution of 3840×3840 at a maximum of 30 frames per second.

With the TwoEyes VR mobile app, you can easily control the camera to your liking. From the app, you can wirelessly control the camera with options such as start/stop recording, capture photo, and sharing your captured content over online services or saving it locally to the device itself.

The TwoEyes VR camera aims to serve the purpose of a handy VR camera that upgrades your ordinary photos and videos and bring them to a level of immersion that’s only made possible through a VR camera.