Moodo: Bring scents to your home

Moodo scents

Our sense of smell is a powerful one – various kinds of scents can trigger a range of emotions, which can either be pleasant or otherwise. There has never been an attempt to replicate a wide portfolio of homey scents in the modern home, until now. Introducing Moodo, a smart device made to capture a broad range of scents designed to make any room in your home a more enjoyable place to stay.

Moodo aims to bring a variety of pleasurable scents that can dynamically change the atmosphere of a room or an entire home based on every scenario. Say you wanted to unwind and relax after a tiring day from work – fire up Moodo using your smartphone, choose among plenty of pre-mixed fragrance profiles based on your taste, and you can instantly experience a more relaxing and soothing ambiance right in your fingertips. The magic behind Moodo is a bit complicated, but the results are fairly straightforward. The box-shaped unit houses four capsules, each carrying a unique base scent. From there, Moodo matches the four scent capsules based on your preferred scent profile, and mixes them with the aid of electronically-controlled diffuser fans to create a wide range of custom scents. It’s like the color wheel of fragrances for your home.

Smart technologies built into Moodo allows for a connected experience using your smartphone. The Moodo mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms allow infinite selection of scent profiles by adjusting on-screen dials and slider controls. You can also save scent profiles for future use, or become triggered by certain times of day – perfect for setting certain smells for waking up, coming home, or retiring at the end of the day for a good night’s sleep. It’s also ready to take IoT integrations, so you can program your favorite IoT service to use Moodo to emit your favorite scents for certain tasks or routines. Moodo makes it possible for you to summon Siri or Google Now to blend whatever kind of scents you like at any time.

Moodo’s fragrance capsules are tailored and curated by leading scent experts. Every base scent is naturally sourced from a variety of ingredients, some of which are found in leading perfumes and cosmetic products in the market. It offers an advantage over aerosol sprays and candles, as it’s safe to use and there are no messy residue to clean up.

Designed for the modern home, Moodo caters to a variety of fragrances to wrap your room or entire home in a pleasant blanket of mood-inducing aromas.