Fravel: Smart, pet-inspired travel suitcase

Fravel Travel Suitcase

Want a luggage that’s as functional as it looks?  Fravel is a smart and fashionable suitcase that feels like you have your furry friend with you wherever you go. Naming itself as the world’s cutest suitcase, Fravel appeals to the inner kid in you. It’s designed to look like your pet dog or cat, taking cues on the cuteness of these creatures as a design inspiration. More than any other ordinary suitcase, Fravel comes with “living” parts such as detachable ears and a heart analogue that beats in rhythm to your trip – this suitcase reacts to your travel excitement, reflecting its fun and friendly nature.

Fravel is created to stand out from ordinary travel luggage with its cute features that represent certain qualities of your favorite pet. First, it has a pair of “ears”, which moves according to your actions such as strolling it around or petting its head – it’s something you don’t do with your usual suitcase. Built-in tactile movements that respond to your touch and actions are triggered by motion sensors on the suitcase. Thanks to these features, Fravel represents more of a friendly companion more than its luggage name tag, which is quite useful for people who want to have a good-looking travel suitcase that stands out above others.

Fravel Travel Suitcase

At its core, Fravel comes standard with modern travel suitcase features you’d come to expect. One notable feature is that it is waterproof, made possible by its sturdy and durable polycarbonate shell, so you can take Fravel anytime and anywhere your travel takes you – rain or shine. For added security for your valuable items inside while on the go, it is also equipped with invisible zippers that’s as durable as it neatly looks. Four fully-rotating wheels on its underside provides a silky-smooth luggage movement resulting in an effortless glide, great for long walks at the airport.

Fravel makes sure that you’ll have a stress-free travel experience, thanks to its TSA compliance and a lightweight design. It measures 22 by 14 by 10 inches (with the ears detached) and tips the scale at just 8 pounds, which perfectly fits on overhead compartment of most airlines. Other handy features include a hidden USB charging port and universal power port combo that’s powered by a built-in 2300-mAh battery that lasts all day, as well as hidden pockets for the most valuable items and an ergonomic handle made from transparent polycarbonate.

If you’d like to have the feeling of bringing your pet wherever you go, Fravel can easily become your favorite travel luggage for a good reason.