MAGQI: Convenient wireless charging solution

MAGQI wireless charging

We use our smartphones from the moment we wake up in the morning until we get down to sleep at night. A day’s worth of work and play on our devices can easily draw down their battery life even before the day ends. It’s common to bring a variety of cables and wall chargers just to keep our smartphones going, causing a bit of inconvenience to many as we repeatedly plug and unplug cables and adapters. With this problem in hand, MAGQI comes as a dream come true for many smartphone users who wanted to say goodbye to cables and adapters and just go wireless. Built for utmost charging convenience, MAGQI features a magnetic charging solution that takes away the need to constantly plug in and out cables and chargers. It brings the future of mobile charging today.

Its intuitive and ergonomic design is the key feature of MAGQI. Taking the ideas of a magnetic dock and Qi wireless charging technology and putting them together in a singular device, MAGQI allows you to easily rest your smartphone right on the dock and it will automatically charge your phone up – without lifting a finger. A specially designed magnetic structure, rated for a strong and effective hold to your smartphone, is engineered from the ground up to hold your phone firmly in place. In addition, the magnets automatically aligns the orientation of the charging pad as soon as you place down your MAGQI-equipped phone right on the dock – you can easily charge your phone without having to move it around the charging dock, which was a common problem seen in earlier magnetic charging designs.

Together with the magnetic dock, MAGQI features the latest in Qi wireless charging standard, a technology designed to make charging your devices as simple as placing them down on a table. MAGQI comes with a self-sticking charging patch which attaches to the back of your non-Qi-compliant smartphone and connects via a thin cable to the USB port of your smartphone. Along with the MAGQI magnetic dock, the sticking patch allows for a strong hold on your phone while also giving it efficient charging that’s rated at 1A – the same charging efficiency as with charging your phone via the wired route. Worrying about cross-compatibility for your devices? MAGQI supports all types of charging ports, including USB Type-C, Apple Lightning, and micro-USB connections.

MAQGI wireless

MAGQI comes in three forms: a tabletop magnetic dock, a car mount, and a portable power bank – all of them sharing the same strong magnetic hold and charging efficiency, whatever you choose. The conventional charging dock allows you to charge your phone at home or in the office. It also serves as a phone stand for whenever you want to sit back and enjoy your media content on your phone. The car mount is a clever solution for using your phone while driving, as it simultaneously charges up your phone wirelessly and gives you hands-free operation for a safe driving experience. The power bank is similar to the tabletop charging dock, where you simply put your phone down on the power bank surface and let it charge automatically – no plugging required.

MAGQI is an all-around charging solution that will keep you from reaching out to cables and adapters. It aims to change the way we power up our devices, using modern technology and an ergonomic design suited for the way we live our connected lifestyles.