Plezmo: Build smart DIY projects

Plezmo Projects

Many of us spent our childhood days tinkering around with  various objects to make them fun and also something we that we were able to play with. Do-it-yourself projects like building blocks and disassembling many kinds of devices and turn them into new ones are just some of the things that brought out the creative and fun side. Today, with the widespread adoption of smart and interconnected objects, people are looking into new ways to take advantage of present-day technologies and incorporate them into things that stimulate the mind while providing countless hours of tinkering fun. One of these smart toys is Plezmo, an intuitive do-it-yourself building and coding platform that gives anyone the opportunity to create a wide variety of cool projects with the power of their own imagination. Built for anyone, Plezmo is designed to carry a user-friendly approach to basic coding and project building that will take anyone’s creativity to an entirely new level with the use of modern technology.

Plezmo comes as a two-set package: it comes with a set of hardware elements that uses a variety of sensors, lights, actuators, and many others that are controlled and triggered by the software set, which you can freely customize and build to your own desire. Some of the hardware elements in Plezmo include proximity and ambient light sensors, LED light bulbs, LCD color displays, sound alarms in the form of buzzers, and many more. The Plezmo Apps is the software part of the package, where you can easily program any of the Plezmo hardware elements based on your desired project characteristics. A visual programming interface provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function, taking cues from the interface of modern computers. With the Plezmo simulator, it’s easy to pre-run your code and polish every bit of necessary changes you want before you arrange every hardware element with your code.

Plezmo Projects

Made to be widely compatible with a range of third-party hardware elements from popular manufacturers such as LEGO and Sphero, the possibilities of making your very own smart project are endless. Plus, all of these elements will work just as well with your code. The Plezmo elements and coding apps make it easy for anyone, especially children, to unleash their creativity to build any kind of project they can think about. Anything from doll houses to powered toy vehicles and robots can be made using Plezmo. Plezmo elements are also designed for extended periods of fun, thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable battery. Every piece of Plezmo element can be easily recharged using either the provided charging pad or adapter.

Thanks to modern-day tech, Plezmo allows anyone to create smart and meaningful projects that provide countless hours of building fun.