EZ Charge Case: Smart, dynamic charging solution

EZ Charge Case

Our smartphones, along with our unique device arsenal which includes tablets and smart watches, are one of the vital things to our daily lives. With them, we do a lot of things for both work and play, and everything in between. Advances in modern technology have enabled these smart devices to keep up with our active and busy lifestyles – yet we keep pushing them to their limits, especially on their daily longevity. A common problem is insufficient amount of battery power to last an entire day’s worth of work or play, which is an issue that the EZ Charge Case is aiming to put an end. The EZ Charge Case integrates a dynamic approach to the long-standing issue of not enough power juice for our devices. How? It combines a portable power pack within its compact shell, and a wired charging feature for when you really need a charging boost anywhere and anytime.

What sets EZ Charge Case apart from conventional smartphone battery cases can be quantified in a handful of ways. One is that it is a uniquely designed case which integrates a direct charging solution via its built-in AC plug and a backup power source with the 2000-mAh battery pack beneath the case. Next, the case itself is constructed from a shock-absorbent material, which makes it sturdy and tough enough to withstand the harsh everyday usage conditions that a smartphone can possibly endure. One good thing about this case is that you can enjoy using your phone while it charges up, allowing you to continue what you love to do on your phone and charge it up. Last – but certainly not least – is that the EZ Charge Case is approved and certified by Apple to work with the iPhone 6 and up, thanks to the Made for iPhone (MFI) certification. You can be fully assured that this case will work flawlessly with your iPhone, leaving compatibility issues to be a thing of the past.

In a nutshell, the EZ Charge Case aims to replace your existing two-element setup of a wall charger and a power bank, essentially leaving you with a smartphone case that also functions as the only charger you’ll ever need. In addition to being your all-around portable power solution, its durable shell protects your smartphone from scratches and dents every single time. It comes in white, grey, and black to suit every style preference. While the case is initially made available for iPhone 6 and up, EZ Charge Case will soon come to Android, enabling more smartphone users to take advantage of its dynamic charging solution in a durable phone case.