Mara Pen: Advanced, intuitive computer control

Mara Pen for Computers

Many computer users have experienced repetitive strain injury (RSI) at least once in their lives. It’s the most common occupational illness in many countries around the world, which is mainly caused by poor ergonomics associated with the wide use of the ubiquitous keyboard-and-mouse combo. Thankfully with the development of new advanced technologies made to improve on the conventional computer browsing aids, people who suffer from RSI will find a brand new way to experience a more comfortable work and play experience in their computers. The Mara Pen is a newly designed computer control device engineered for an intuitive computer browsing experience that also aims to deliver advanced yet familiar features found in conventional mice, keyboards, and track-pads.

With the goal of changing the way we interact with our digital content, the Mara Pen takes inspiration from technologies found in science fiction that involve controlling your computer with a simple air gesture. This pen-shaped device packs in highly advanced technologies – some of which have been used in aircraft navigation aids, helping Mara Pen to deliver a highly accurate motion sensing and tracking right from your fingertips. Its mindfully crafted form factor is a result of careful consideration of ergonomics designed for its everyday use, featuring a delicately pointed pen tip and a rounded rectangular shaped longitudinal curvature. Milled from an extruded piece of aluminum, the Mara Pen feels great in the hand while providing a sense of inertia and control for the user, translating into accurate and highly precise control of everything you see on the screen.

Mara Pen for Computers

While many digital pens and styluses provide basic control over whatever you do on your computer, Mara Pen is able to bring a more refined user experience from the very start. Accuracy and precision is in its DNA, made possible by a sophisticated motion sensing processing method developed by SYD Dynamics. This proprietary digital pen technology enables Mara Pen to perform very well in reading your hand gestures in three-dimensional space. All of this makes up for a true-to-life computer browsing experience that puts you in mission control with everything you do on your computer. Mara Pen is made to be a multi-purpose digital pen, serving a wide range of uses including mouse mode for precise clicking and for use with various drawing applications, a presenter mode which lets you control your slide presentations right from your hands, and a remote control mode for whenever you want to effortlessly select your digital content from a comfortable distance (up to 15 feet away). It works for both right-handed and left-handed users, with a full day of continuous usage on a single charge.

The Mara Pen is a modern derivation of the usual computer navigation device. With its novel technologies that give it a broader sense of accuracy and precision, it gives its user a whole new way to experience doing things on a computer. It’s the future of the digital pen that you can readily pick up today.