Tenkiv Nexus: Harnessing the sun for clean water

Tenkiv Nexus Clean Water

It’s a fact that many communities in remote areas around the world have no access to a clean and safe source of drinking water. This worldwide problem affects billions of people, which causes them to suffer from a variety of illnesses. Luckily for us right now, smart solutions have been made by leveraging modern technology and proven scientific principles. The latest solution to the widespread clean water dilemma is Tenkiv Nexus, a fully integrated modular water purification and energy system. Designed for an efficient standalone operation, the Tenkiv Nexus aims to bring clean water and dependable solar energy for the people who need them the most.

The Tenkiv Nexus presents itself as a dual-purpose system: generating clean and renewable solar power from its photovoltaic solar panel, and producing clean and safe drinking water from any water source. Starting with its water purification system, the Tenkiv Nexus is built to be deployed in most locations where clean water scarcity is a prevalent issue. It is equipped with a water sanitation module that uses the direct heat from the sun to kill microbes present in the water feed, and is able to generate up to 2,000 liters of purified water every day. Thanks to its built-in automation system, there is no further intervention needed for the Tenkiv Nexus – a one-time setup is the only thing required to get the unit up and running. In addition to its water purification feature, it generates a continuous stream of electricity with its built-in photovoltaic solar panel. A single Tenkiv Nexus unit is able to provide up to 7 kWh of electricity – enough to power up small villages in the most remote areas.

Techniv Nexus Clean Water

Answering the needs of far-flung communities in many countries, the Tenkiv Nexus presents itself as a clever solution to the prevailing water and energy crises. The makers of the Tenkiv Nexus targets to deploy the first handful of units to Afghanistan, where many people suffer from lack of energy and water infrastructure, consequently affecting their well-being. By leveraging the natural power of the sun, the Tenkiv Nexus is able to use only about a fifth of the total power generating cost for fossil fuel-fired energy facilities, while being only a thirteenth of the cost of most solar panels. This cost efficiency reaps savings towards the end user and keeping an environmental-friendly usage footprint at the same time.

Partnering with key organizations to bring potable water and dependable energy for billions of people in remote communities, the Tenkiv Nexus is a kickstart to the clean water and energy revolution.