Steadicam Volt: Pro-quality video stabilization for smartphones

Steadicam Volt for Video

Backed by over 40 years of video stabilization expertise, the Steadicam Volt readies to set itself as a premium accessory for shake-free videos right on your Smartphone. Inspired by the original Steadicam stabilization technology used by major Hollywood filmmakers and creative studios, the Steadicam Volt is basically a condensed yet unadulterated form of the Steadicam. It frees up your hands to focus more on capturing smooth videos without being distracted by worrying about shaky footages. Allowing you to capture everyday moments with cinematic quality, this smartphone camera stabilizer breaks new ground in the market for portable video stabilizers.

Designed for rugged use with a professional touch, Steadicam Volt delivers a pro look and feel for the ordinary end user. One of the awardees for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Awards, its design and engineering fits for its purpose: to enable anyone with a smartphone to shoot professional-looking videos without spending a fortune. Built from the well-renowned Steadicam originating in the early ’70s, the Steadicam Volt is a modern homologation of the classic award-winning cinematic video stabilization technology that brought distinction to films like “Bound For Glory” and “The Shining”. To think about, holding the Steadicam Volt in your hands is like getting a backstage access pass to a Hollywood movie set camera rig.

Steadicam Volt for Video

The Steadicam Volt is made for ease of use, portability, and high level of precision and control. It’s made to be lightweight and foldable, ready for you to take it anywhere you want. Built-in haptic control replicates lifelike inertia through its custom-engineered pan axis, which gives you a feeling of stability for any shooting condition. Suited for both beginners and advanced users alike, it operates under two distinct modes that adjusts the sensitivity of the gimbal for precise stabilization. It fits a wide variety of Smartphones, ranging from widths of 58mm to 80mm. It works in sync with the Steadicam Volt mobile app for iOS and Android devices, so you can fine-tune its balance and sensitivity based on your preferences. On a single charge, it delivers up to 8 hours of continuous usage, giving you the freedom to take smooth videos anywhere for longer.

Built for anyone who wants to take pro-looking videos right from their Smartphone, the Steadicam Volt features quality stabilization for both beginners and advanced users. It’s ready to take your videos to an entirely new level – a technology that was previously only available to pro filmmakers.