Small Transparent Speaker: Thoughtfully-designed speaker

Small Transparent Speaker

Just when you thought your usual speakers won’t get an upgrade on the looks department, think again. Made to blend in with any room in your home, the people at PE0PLE PE0PLE have made the Small Transparent Speaker as a design gem, while providing enveloping sound.

From a design standpoint, the Small Transparent Speaker looks great in any room – from your home’s bedroom, to the kitchen. As its name implies, a hardened glass panel on both sides allow full transparency while showing its core internal parts. Its boxy yet sleek corners lets you place it anywhere without being an eyesore. Available in either classic white or timeless black, this speaker is made to be more of a design accessory, and not a highly techy piece of home furniture.

As beautifully designed as it sounds, two custom-built 2.5-inch woofers deliver crisp highs, while the passive bass radiator renders deep lows at anything you throw at it – your music and movies will sound as they should be heard. With an embedded digital signal processing (DSP) technology in its amplifier, you can be sure of quality sound every single time. It supports high-resolution audio streaming formats such as FLAC and OGG, so you can enjoy the highest quality sound from a portable speaker. Its transparent case helps to deliver rich audio, while giving you a clear idea on how its internals work.

The Small Transparent Speaker provides a plethora of connectivity options for your convenience. A 3.5-mm headphone jack gives you the option to stream your audio the analog way, while built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity supports high-fidelity wireless audio streaming from any supported sound source, such as your smartphone or tablet. In addition, it also supports proprietary wireless audio standards such as Apple AirPlay and Google Cast, which provides easier audio streaming convenience for your Apple and Android devices. Love using Spotify? Your music cravings will be satisfied much quicker, thanks to built-in Spotify Connect support.

Based on a modular design, the Small Transparent Speaker can be repaired for any of its various parts without having to put it off altogether. Called upcycling, this innovative method of replacing specific parts when worn out is a way to save you on repair costs and the hassle of replacing the entire speaker set over and over again. It’s also kind enough to alert you via a phone notification whenever it self-detects worn-out parts that need to be replaced.

While most speakers tend to leave out design considerations in favor of sound quality, the Small Transparent Speaker doesn’t cut corners on both aspects. It’s beautifully designed to fit in any room, while powerful enough to give justice to your audio.