Vixole: Smart shoes of the future, today

Vixole Shoes

We’ve seen the futuristic analogues of the sneakers we wear everyday in science fiction movies. These pairs have shown a promise of significant change to how shoes are worn in the future. Luckily for us now, we don’t have to wait for the future to arrive – the dream of the sci-fi smart shoe is here. Meet Vixole, a pair of futuristic-looking sneakers that blends in well with our connected lifestyles. Fully customizable and features smart technologies, it’s the footwear with a future touch.

Designed to take your wirelessly-connected lifestyle to a new level, Vixole is a pair of sneakers that lets you walk your style in a variety of colors and design patterns with its built-in flexible LED display. It lets you flaunt your artistic side with support for custom design patterns or with any of its preset patterns. This feature allows you to have your own unique pair of smart shoes, and can be fully customizable and changeable anytime you want. Vixole enables you to change your sneaker styles over and over again based on your tastes and preferences.

Not only Vixole works as a cool-looking pair of customizable shoes, its smart features let you do things you’ve never imagined possible on a pair of sneakers. Featuring motion sensors to track your footsteps, Vixole helps you monitor your daily activity and movement right from your feet. As the sensors are built directly on the shoes itself, there are no room for errors in step reading accuracy. Every step is counted accurately as they are made, and these data are being sent directly to the Vixole mobile app. Vixole also features support for augmented reality and virtual reality applications, as it can be used for real-time motion tracking in various AR and VR applications, such as virtual worlds and games where activities like walking, running, and jumping are usual. It also supports instant notifications on your smartphone – just pair up Vixole with your smartphone, and your shoes will provide haptic feedback for any notifications you might have.

Vixole Shoes

The Vixole mobile app is fully integrated with the Vixole smart sneakers. From the app, you can easily customize your own shoe design pattern with various editing tools. It also lets you import preconfigured designs from the Vixole online community and design marketplace, where limitless shoe designs are available for import to the app. It also works to send notification alerts to the sneakers, giving your feet tactile vibrations for whenever you have your phone notifications like calls and emails.

There’s no need to wait for the future of sneakers – Vixole is a physical manifestation of the smart shoes we’ve been waiting.