Damson Cisor: Rich, high-quality audio on any surface

Cisor speaker for any surface

Have you ever thought of creating sound from any surface? The laws of physics can tell you that it’s possible. Don’t fret, as there’s no rocket science involved – thanks to a new kind of portable speaker that attaches to any surface,  and you can enjoy high-quality sound like you’ve never heard before. Introducing the Damson Cisor, a device that transforms any flat surface into a sound machine. Because any surface can become your hi-fi sound system.

It may be small, but it features an enveloping sound package. Inspired by the use of real-world objects to transmit and amplify sound, the Damson Cisor never limits you to how big you want your audio to be. It greatly sets itself apart from all the speakers available in a unique way: using the acoustic qualities of workable surfaces – in any orientation, indoors or outdoors – Cisor drives sound directly to whatever material it attaches to and amplifies it. The result is a high-fidelity resonance that comes from within anything it clings on – Cisor calls it Incisor Diffusion Technology.

Moving away from using a traditional speaker cone to produce sound, the Incisor Diffusion Technology built into the Damson Cisor uses any surface, such as wood, glass, or metal, and directs sound waves into that surface to produce audible sound. Not only it removes the limitations of traditional speaker cones which produce sound that reaches a certain frequency limit, but it uses the physical qualities of any surface you stick it on to create deeper bass tones and crisper highs. The technology is able to produce a full audible frequency range that humans can hear, from as low as 30 Hz to a high of 15 KHz. Wider frequency range means an overall better sound reproduction suited to our hearing.

Cisor speaker for any surface

You can experiment on countless variety of surfaces to put Cisor on – from desks and cabinets to glass panes and even vehicles, it’s up to you where you want to put your sound on. In addition, its tiny size doesn’t compromise on portability. It fits right in your pocket or purse, so you can bring anywhere your sound will take you. Want your parties to be more fun? Pair two Cisor units together, and you can create an immersive stereo sound setup. Able to fill sound up to a room area of 500 square feet, a pair of the Damson Cisor is enough to replace your traditional bulky home stereo system. Just stick it on any of your room’s surfaces and you’re good to go. With its built-in Lithium-ion battery, a full charge gives up to 6 hours of continuous playback.

Damson Cisor aims to bring a whole new kind of audio listening experience by taking cues from real-life acoustics. Designed to make any surface a high-fidelity sound source, it lets you have a rich listening experience from one surface to the next.