Tushi Pal: Intricately designed fitness tracker

Tushi Pal FitnessWe move in an active world and like to tend to our well-being on a fairly regular basis. Thanks to smart technologies it’s now made easier to monitor our fitness and health anytime and anywhere we want. For the very first time in wearable tech, a fitness and health tracker hits two birds with a single stone – providing helpful details about your well-being, and helping indigenous communities whenever you use it. Meet Tushi Pal, a one-of-a-kind fitness tracker that fits on your wrist, giving you a glimpse of your health and helping communities with its intricate and unique design.

Taking inspiration from the handcrafted intricate designs of Mayan artisans, Tushi Pal was designed to be a unique fitness wearable with a delicate hand-weave pattern. Its creation had the initiative to help indigenous members of the Mayan community by incorporating their handwoven creations with the wearable itself. The result is a smart fitness and health device that looks and does good. It benefits both the wearer and the people behind its unique design. Ergonomically designed for the active individual, its bright LCD display shows vital information at a glance even under the high sunlight, and a comfortable strap which showcases Mayan designs.

Tushi Pal Fitness

Tushi Pal helps you to get fit and stay healthy with your active lifestyle – smartly. It accurately monitors your daily movements, providing you a comprehensive overview of how you’re doing in return. It features standard fitness wearable features like dynamic heart rate tracking, activity tracking with calorie count and built-in pedometer, and sleep quality tracking. Aside from being a fitness tracker, it also doubles as a smartwatch – like any other smartwatch, it does a variety of things like remote photo capture, alarms, instant notifications for your smartphone, sedentary notifications to get you moving more, and built-in GPS with anti-theft support. All these features are powered by the Tushi Pal mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Just pair up your Tushi Pal with your smartphone, and you can start seeing your health and activity progress anytime and anywhere.

A unique, first-of-its-kind wearable device, Tushi Pal gives you a feeling of satisfaction of being able to keep yourself in tip-top shape, while giving back to native communities whose designs made this device a reality. It essentially combines modern tech, natively unique design, and a unique fitness tracking experience.