MyLive: Make your guitar sound better

Mylive Guitar

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your guitar play a variety of different sounds you’d normally hear on a complete band setup? MyLive takes your guitar to a whole new playing level with a simple yet remarkable acoustic device. It attaches to your guitar, and you can instantly set it up to play a variety of sounds based on your original piece – right from your Smartphone.

Taking a tiny circular form, what’s inside MyLive is a remarkable piece of technology. Developed with the goal of creating a more harmonized guitar playing experience, this device pays respect to the frequencies of the pieces you’re playing and takes it from there. In a nutshell, it’s a record-and-play acoustic device that attaches to your guitar and provides layers of sound elements you’d never expect to hear from a single guitar. It eliminates wiring’s and other unnecessary devices along your way, so you can focus more on playing what matters.

Using the principle of mechanical vibration transfer, the technology that drives MyLive takes cues from physics and makes the whole process simple for anyone to enjoy. By having a vibrating mechanism inside the tiny circular chamber and having it attached to the surface of your guitar, resonance frequencies come out of the guitar’s resonating chamber (the empty space just below the strings). These frequencies are heard as different sounds which can be a layer of deep bass, voice, or other musical instrument.

It connects wirelessly to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, which means you can configure a variety of sounds right from your phone and directly transfer the sound you want to the guitar while you’re playing it. The MyLive mobile app makes it all possible – from the app, you can choose to record your voice or other kinds of sound and monitor it from the app using precise tuning controls to suit whatever you’re playing. In addition, the app also lets you record your guitar plays and easily share your recordings with various social networks and online music hosting platforms.

MyLive aims to caters to both beginners and pro level guitarists, making it easy for anyone to create their signature sound without the complexity of a full band setup. With the recording feature, it’s easy to monitor your playing progress and practice over and over. Pros will definitely see its portability benefits by enabling them to play instantly wherever they go. The Pro setting on the MyLive mobile app also lets them fine-tune their play, with customizable encoding, file format, and noise reduction settings to suit a variety of play situations.

With a suite of clever features for its size, MyLive helps guitarists find their tune easily thanks to its recording and play functions for any kind of music piece.