Moonlite: Bring back bedtime magic with your phone

Moonlite Bedtime app

Growing up, many of us have have heard countless bedtime stories to fall asleep – and most would agree they  were a wonderful and fun. With the world we live in today, technology has made its way to make bedtime storytelling a much better experience for kids, promoting a better bond between parents and their children. Moonlite is an accessory for your smartphone that brings a pleasant change to conventional bedtime stories, helping parents put their children to sleep better and get them to learn so much more.

From a tech perspective, Moonlite is basically a very tiny projector that renders bedtime stories to the ceiling of your kid’s room or wall. It attaches to your smartphone’s camera flash, taking images from a set of story reels and uses your phone’s flash as a light source. It instantly brings your child’s favorite bedtime story to life with colorful high-definition story images paired with realistic sound effects. It aims to make storytelling a more immersive and more enjoyable learning experience for children before they go to slumber.

Simple and fun, Moonlite transforms your kid’s sleeping habit into something they will look forward to every day. It reinvents the storytelling experience by taking inspiration from the shift to the digital realm – with so many digital devices we have for kids to play with, these devices usually interfere with their sleep habits and leave little for their imagination to work. Moonlite was designed to make a seamless integration between the old-school storytelling and modern technology, leaving lots of room for children to enjoy a new kind of learning experience before going to bed.

The Moonlite mobile app for Android and iOS devices is at the heart of this new spin in bedtime stories. Once you snap in the Moonlite camera flash attachment and slide in a story reel of your choice, the app gives you complete control over your storytelling. Moving the reel will instantly move the story pages on your smartphone, much like flipping through a physical book. It also triggers the camera flash on your smartphone, rendering colorful images of your chosen story reel on the ceiling or wall of any room. The app also makes it possible to play realistic sound effects based on the scenes from the story you’re currently browsing, making it more enjoyable for your kids.

There has never been a better time to bring technology to bedtime stories than with the Moonlite. It brings a new way for your kids to enjoy bedtime stories – something they will look forward to every day.