EyeQue: Test your eyes using your phone

EyeQue personal Vision Eye

For most people who needs to wear corrective glasses to see things clearly, it’s a bit of a hassle to book an appointment with an eye doctor just to check if their eyes are improving or worsening as time goes. Due to their busy working schedules and tasks to meet, people who suffer from poor eyesight just can’t make the cut for a regular eye check-up. What if we take our smartphones and gear it with a special gadget to make it a portable vision tester? – that’s the question that the makers of EyeQue was trying to look for an answer. With the EyeQue personal vision tracker, there are no more excuses to take care of your eyes even without booking for a regular eye check-up. EyeQue makes it possible to see if your eyes are still doing fine or not, anywhere and anytime.

A breakthrough in biomedical technology, the EyeQue vision tracker brings a fresh approach to personal eye care. Leveraging on new smart technologies that are commonly found in today’s modern devices, EyeQue was built from the ground up to deliver a personal eye testing experience with instant results. Right from your smartphone, you can tell if your eyes are doing better or the other way around. A patented technology called EyeQue Cloud builds on specially designed algorithms that determine the specific condition of your eyes right on your phone, so there is no need to see your eye doctor for whenever you want to check your vision. This technology brings the same exact test results you’d expect from a regular check-up, which contains spherical, cylindrical, and axis figures of your eyes, helping you gauge what prescription glasses you might need in case your vision changes a bit.

Eque Personal Vision Eyes

The EyeQue miniscope is responsible for the vision testing process, which works hand in hand with the myEyeQue app for Android and iOS devices. It’s a sophisticated optical device that measures your eyes’ vision parameters instantly. Delicately engineered to give clinical readings of your vision, its parts and operating mechanisms are designed to work exactly just like the vision testers found in eye clinics. The myEyeQue app is designed to mirror the functionality of a conventional eye tester together with the miniscope. It presents step-by-step testing instructions for you to follow, and in minutes you can have reliable results of how your eyes fare. The power of the app lies in record tracking, which lets you track and review your progress from the app itself, so you can see your eyesight progress over time.

EyeQue was built on the idea to bring accurate and reliable personal eye testing device to as many people as possible. With millions of people around the world having eye problems, EyeQue aims to deliver a revolutionary eye tracking experience to suit a variety of lifestyles.