Pearls Band: Stylish wearable health companion

Pearls Band for Health

Our busy and hectic lifestyles often make us forget that we have to take care of our well-being. But with the Pearls Band, there are no more excuses. This armband serves as a health companion, taking care of tracking your daily activities to help you get healthier with your every move. Not only it assists in your health, it also serves as a fully-featured smartwatch and fitness tracker, so you can stay on top of your work and play.

Lightweight at just 27 grams, it virtually puts no bulk on your wrist. A digital LCD display presents all the information you need at a glance, and with its bright display it’s easy to see under direct sunlight – perfect for the outdoors on a bright, sunny day. It wirelessly pairs up with your Android or iOS smartphone, unlocking all the smart features you need for your daily routine. It takes care of your phone notifications with the ability to respond to calls and messages right on your wrist. Made to take on the challenges of daily use, Pearls Band is designed to be dust and waterproof.

A plethora of health tracking features are built right into Pearls Band, so you won’t need separate devices for each health parameter. You can easily keep track of your blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, fatigue levels, burned calories, footsteps, and so much more. It also functions as a sleep monitor, which collects data about your sleep and sends it over to your Smartphone. You can program Pearls Band to remind you to stand up and walk regularly with its sedentary alarm feature – there are no more excuses not to move around and stay fit.

Smart everyday features come out of the box with Pearls Band, helping you to live your active lifestyle. It can function as a GPS tracker for your next running or jogging session, smart alarm feature to start your day right, phone notifications at a glance, fitness goals feature for tracking your workout activities, and fast charging so you can get up and running with the Pearls Band without being tied too often to a wall socket.

Pearls Band for Health

The companion Pearls Band mobile app for Android and iOS devices functions as the hub for everything the smartband works on. You can have a comprehensive report of your daily stats right from the app, and you can even share it with your friends and family over a variety of sharing options.

Designed to take your health and daily routines up a notch, Pearls Band helps to make the most of your health and be your on-the-go companion for your daily activities.