EcoReco Model R: Smart scooter for all

EcoReco Electric Scooter

For many, getting around for your commute is something that’s done with modern portable electric vehicles, such as powered skates and bikes. Many urban dwellers would love to have this cool tech in their hands, but the relatively high cost practically bars them from getting their first dip into the world of the last-mile commute solution. A tech startup seeks to bring the tech to almost anyone, and with smart features built right in, it’s easy to forget that it’s a portable people-mover. Meet the EcoReco Model R, an electric scooter that promises to be a safer alternative to other last-mile solutions, yet still made for anyone to enjoy.

The EcoReco Model R is inspired by the electric vehicle revolution. Incorporating smart features to assist you in your commute, this portable vehicle not only moves you from point A to B, but also to keep you safe throughout the ride while giving you an enjoyable riding experience. Thanks to its compact form, it’s easy to fold and unfold for your next commute, and makes it easy to zip along busy and crowded city streets. It’s made to conquer everyday traffic while carrying you in style. Safety features such as turn signal lighting and emergency contact system (in cases of falls or crashes) help you focus more on the road while maintaining a smooth ride in all traffic scenarios.

It’s built to take you further than any other last-mile solution, with a speed of up to 20 miles an hour and a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge for the Lite battery pack model. You can go nuts with the Pro battery package, which gives you up to 20 times more range with a single battery pack – no need for switching, just charge up and go. It claims that with the Pro battery pack, you can go up to 500 miles on a single charge – it sounds crazy but the 300Wh battery can give you just that. The regenerative braking feature conserves more battery power whenever you slow down with the brakes, giving you more range in downhill rides.

EcoReco Electric Scooter

You have full control over your riding experience using the EcoReco mobile app for iOS and Android devices. From the app, you can easily configure your Model R’s top speed, acceleration, and riding modes. It also acts as a speedometer for your ride, helping you gauge how fast you’re going. The electronic lock feature gives you peace of mind when storing your Model R. It keeps your scooter safe and unlocks with nothing but your consent. Configured from either the app or the scooter unit itself, the electronic lock can be unlocked using your phone. You can even share your ride among your friends with a temporary access code. It’s also made to be tracked even without a data plan with its partnership with Tile.

Getting a last-mile vehicle can be tricky, but the EcoReco Model R makes it easier thanks to its set of smart and safety features.