FlowMotion ONE: Pro-quality videos for everyone

FlowMotion Videos

Professional videographers and creatives have extensively used video stabilization technology for a long time, resulting in pro-quality footage we often see in TV and other mainstream media. Before, it seemed hard to bring this tech to the mainstream because of cost, among all things. But thanks to a tech revolution where fancy pieces of technology are being developed for the end consumer, it’s about time that everyone of us are able to make our everyday videos look even better. FlowMotion ONE aims to achieve this goal, by being an easy-to-use smartphone camera stabilizer that works for everything you shoot. Say hello to better videos right on your phone.

A familiar design, closely resembling a selfie stick, is what FlowMotion ONE looks like. But there’s more than what meets the eye – this smartphone stabilizer is leaps and bounds better than your usual selfie stick. It features a gimbal made with advanced design and high-quality components to give the smoothest videos possible on your mobile device. Made for handheld portability, it’s light as it is easy to fit in your pocket. Tipping the scale at just around 10 ounces, it’s designed for grab-and-go functionality. Paired with a high-end design without the high-end price, FlowMotion ONE centers itself as the ultimate device for creating your best videos.

No setup required – attach your phone and press the on button. FlowMotion ONE offers a variety of functions depending on your shooting preference. At its core is the stabilizer feature, which enables the gimbal to detect motion from your hands, and smartly adjust its relative position to the smartphone. Auto Follow Technology tracks any subject on your camera’s viewfinder, making it easy to focus your shot on a certain person or object no matter how they move around. Another cool feature is motion time-lapse, which lets you fix your Smartphone to the FlowMotion ONE and let it take care of the rest – expect high-quality time-lapse videos without the complexity. It’s also easy to share your footage with anyone. You can stream your moments in real-time directly to live-streaming services such as YouTube and Facebook, and wow your friends with professional-looking video stream from your phone.

FlowMotion Videos

The FlowMotion app makes every feature accessible form your phone in a flash. Activate various shooting modes or make your own custom settings directly from the app. Motion controls in every direction is presented in a user-friendly layout. The app also acts as a remote control for easy wireless access to your FlowMotion ONE. It also offers a gallery where you can easily organize and view your shots. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app will work with any smartphone camera you have.

FlowMotion ONE lets you enjoy smooth, pro-looking videos right in your smartphone. As easy as grab-and-go usability with a variety of cool features, it’s easy for almost anyone to create great-looking footage without putting so much effort.