Vinci: Smart headphones that do more

Vinci Headphones Voice recognition software has gone from its humble beginnings in desktop computers, eventually evolving to Siri, Google Now, Alexa, and many others that are omnipresent in our everyday devices. Powered by the artificial intelligence revolution, it’s now easier to interact with our devices to help us complete our tasks and routines – as simple as speaking naturally to a person. With most of on-the-go individuals having the need to tediously switch between their devices – including headphones – it’s about time that these portable audio devices integrate a self-sustaining system. Vinci is a new pair of headphones that closely resembles the future of on-the-go listening experience: to have your virtual assistant with you at all times, while keeping your favorite tunes streaming in high fidelity.

Acting as a hub for active lifestyles, Vinci is a reinvention of the headphone. It runs an entire operating system to power smart features such as a virtual assistant to help you get things done on the fly, fitness tracking with a heart-rate sensor, active noise cancellation, and streaming your favorite tunes controlled by just your voice. Because it’s a standalone pair of headphones, it doesn’t even need your Smartphone to work. Out of the box, it’s good to go.

Vinci believes that freeing up your hands to do what matters most is an important philosophy in its design and working nature. Completely hands-free, it allows you to choose your jam wherever and whenever you want. It works either for your commute or training sessions, or whenever you simply want to sit back and unwind after a long day. A virtual assistant helps you to accomplish your tasks and do things for you. Say “Hey Vinci”, and say whatever you want to have or do with it with a conversational tone. No more preset voice commands to think – Vinci smartly recognizes your words just as you would talk to a real person.

Active noise cancellation technology comes built in with Vinci, filtering out ambient noise and improving voice recognition in the process. In addition, it also works to deaden out unwanted noise whenever you listen to your tunes. It lets you make and take clear phone calls, and listen to your music without distractions. As a safety measure, Vinci also features Audio Transparency Mode for times when you need to hear things around you, say when you’re running or biking on the streets.

For a more intuitive control over your music, Vinci features a touchscreen on one side. Gesture-based controls such as swiping and tapping enable a variety of controls, such as adjusting volume, pausing and skipping tracks, and taking phone calls. The virtual assistant can also be activated from the touchscreen.

Vinci runs a proprietary operating system called Vinci Voice OS, based off the Android platform. A deep-learning algorithm is at the core of this software, taking regular user preferences to suggest future possible commands and delivering the right result. Paired with an ergonomic hardware design, Vinci does things smart as it fits good in your ears.

Running on the principles of artificial intelligence, Vinci is a real-world manifestation of the future of the headphone. High-quality portable audio paired with smart software and features in a sleek design make this a pair of headphones worth considering – if you’d like to experience the future today.