Fingbox: Enhance your home network security

Fingerbox Home

The Internet is constantly growing every day, and network threats follow the same trend. With loopholes and vulnerable spots in our day to day browsing habits, it’s difficult to keep track of our home network’s security. That’s why a tech startup has devised a way to handle network attacks along with a variety of smart features that enhance your home network. It’s called the Fingbox, the evolution of the Fing Smartphone app that works to protect what matters within your home’s Wi-Fi setup.

Driven by the popular demand of millions of Fing app users for a standalone device that safeguards home networks, the Fingbox allows you to fully buckle up your home connections against various kinds of attacks and intrusions. It keeps attacks at bay while maintaining your network at home for optimum stability and reliability. When it detects anything that’s far from the usual operation, it will send an alert to your smartphone via the Fing app.

Fingbox stops Wi-Fi network intruders the moment they even attempt to break in. It also constantly monitors all connected devices to your home network, and routinely check on their stability. In case one of your critical devices fails, Fingbox will alert you of the occurrence and allow you to act promptly. You can also check if your frequently visited websites are up or down, thanks to its built-in service reliability checking feature. With parental controls and bandwidth monitoring, it’s easier than ever to check and control your family’s browsing habits. This tiny networking box packs in lots of features for its size.

Fingerbox home

Setting it up is so easy, there’s no manual required. Plug Fingbox into your router’s available Ethernet port, and open the Fing app on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app is your command center for everything that’s about the Fingbox. Designed for plug-and-play connectivity, Fingbox plugs into any router of any network you’d like to gear up for online security.

Most modern residences have lots of interconnected devices that are enabled by Internet of Things (IoT). Fingbox works seamlessly with all your IoT devices by providing them the same threat protection against intruders. Those who love tech all around the home will truly appreciate Fingbox’s features for upgrading IoT security.

Fingbox aims to ensure that every home network is fully protected against online-based attacks, while providing a sense of security for every browsing experience. Having Fingbox in your home network is like having your own suite of experts to troubleshoot network issues at a fraction of the cost.