MATRIX PowerWatch: Never charge your smartwatch ever again

Matrix Smartwatch

Smartwatches define the future of the watch – it is the combination of useful, glance-able information at the right place and time with a lightweight and futuristic-looking wearable design. While smart timepieces carry a bunch of cool features, the single thing that brings them down every time is the battery life. These tiny devices cram in so many features and capabilities, such that run-time always comes as a compromise. Luckily, there’s a new smartwatch that promises to deliver the best of both worlds: a smartwatch with various functionalities to help you get things done, while also being able to last even an entire lifetime. The MATRIX PowerWatch essentially doesn’t need batteries to run. It uses your body’s internal heat to keep you right on time and on top of every task, every single time.

While the use of your body’s heat to power something wearable isn’t exactly new to the tech world, it hasn’t been improved on until now. The PowerWatch stays on your wrist and stays powered up. When you take it off before bed, it stores the last known time and date setting, and takes the difference from the moment you take it off and wearing it again when you wake up the next day. Smart technologies work beneath its circular display to give you accurate time and date readings without so much effort on your part. If you’re curious to know how much power you make out of your own body, the watch also lets you know your body’s electrical potential according to how much power it draws from your body heat.

Matrix Smartwatch

Engineers working on the PowerWatch has refined thermoelectric technology that’s aligned with today’s modern smartwatch design principles in mind. Because most people who own and use a smartwatch often use it as a physical activity tracking device, they will truly appreciate the calorie reading accuracy this watch can give. Thanks to the advanced thermoelectric technology that enables this watch to work, a highly accurate reading of how much calories you’ve burned will come second nature to the PowerWatch – the logic behind this is that it uses the same unit of energy to run itself, so it truly knows how much it draws off of your body.

The PowerWatch is designed to be sleek, modern, and rugged for use in day-to-day routines. An aluminum chassis crafted from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy can withstand a water depth of up to 50 meters, suitable for running in the rain or setting lap times in the pool. This watch aligns its own time and date reading with the current time zone you’re in, connects to your smartphone for easy pairing and setup, and a variety of watch faces can be chosen based on your preference and taste.

Living the dream of the ultimate utilitarian smartwatch, the MATRIX PowerWatch delivers the future today, right on your wrist. After all, your watch doesn’t belong to the power cord – it must stay with you whenever you need it.