Sevenhugs: The only remote you’ll need

Sevenhugs remote

Finally, you can stop fumbling around and looking for every kind of remote for your TV or other household appliances. The Sevenhugs smart remote combines everything you’d come to expect on a smart remote control by adding your IoT-connected devices together in a singular control center.

To boot, the remote is not your ordinary kind. It has a capacitive touchscreen on the entire front panel that changes and adapts to whatever set of commands you’d like to have on hand. Say you wanted to switch your TV’s channel and fine-tune your home’s smart lighting – the remote will automatically switch its interface based on how you hold it or where you’re pointing it at. It uses a smart point-and-control technology, which uses your device’s relative location to properly adjust the Sevenhugs remote via wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared. Built-in motion sensors work hand in hand to track your remote’s exact location and orientation, and sends over the location data to and from your devices.

The makers of Sevenhugs smart remote says that it supports over 25,000 different devices, ranging from your smart TV to your home theater system and even your smart home lighting. Its hardware partners include Apple, Samsung, Bose, LG, Nest, and Philips, among others. This wide compatibility makes it easy for you to set this thing up and get running in a matter of minutes.

With this control, you have everything in your home in complete control. It’s like a magic wand – while you have a plethora of smart devices around, it takes a single device to control them all. First, it gives you the power to control any wirelessly connected device on the same Wi-Fi network as your remote is connected to. As long as your devices are connected over Wi-Fi, the remote will work just fine. It can also function to control devices in multiple rooms – no repetitive setups needed. A cool upcoming feature is the so-called Extended Zone mode, which essentially extends the working range of your Sevenhugs smart remote to whatever device you’re pointing it at. By using the combination of all three built-in wireless technologies, a carousel of all your connected devices will pop up on the touchscreen panel for you to take control, no matter how remote you are from your home devices – say you’re on your backyard and wanted to stream over your tunes from the living room area.

Sevenhugs remote

Not only the touchscreen panel does display your devices and let you control them, but also gives you a quick glance at your everyday basic information as well as built-in support for the car-hailing service Uber. The device will let you know today’s weather info, give you the virtual button to turn on your TV, and help you fetch your car for your next commute.

The Sevenhugs smart remote is like the Swiss army knife of smart remotes: it brings back full control over all your connected devices, and eliminating the need to switch among various remotes. It’s setting the bar for the change to come with how you control your IoT devices.