Truffle App: Changing the way to learn about restaurants

Truffle App Restaurants

It used to be that eating out was a treat. Many people would argue that going out once a week was something of the norm. However, going out to restaurants a few times per week for many is just easier then staying in and cooking. Dining out also is more convenient for many, especially if traveling. Majority of us use Open Table to book reservations and look for restaurant reviews. Zagat and Yelp are also very popular to get an insight into the ratings and customer opinion of restaurants. In addition, there are over 800,000 restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and eateries in the United States alone.  However, the most trusted people when it comes to dining reviews are your friends, and a new app called Truffle focuses on  restaurant experiences provided only from your friends.

The Truffle app allows you to share with just your fiends their experiences both good and bad while going to restaurants and eateries. No strangers, not fake posts, just the facts from people that you know and trust. Search by restaurant category, such as sushi, Italian, or refine searches such as brunch or date night. The information that has been provided by your friends will help you make the decision if its worth giving a new place a try, or look for something better. Truffle will only allow you to see places from your friends, not strangers allowed. The app does not allow for rating  either.  The app aims to change the way you discover and find restaurants.

The Truffle app allows you to leave tips and comments making it easy to gain valuable insight from your friends. The interface is very easy to operate and its a breeze to ask your friends “what is your favorite coffee in New York?” or search for a place to go for a special occasion.  For those that travel often to the same destinations for business or pleasure, its easy to find the ‘must go to’ spots. The app allows you to keep a list of favorite places and your friends will appreciate having those suggestions as well.

Truffle takes the concept of asking friends if they have any good suggestions for eating out and provides honest recommendations. Most people know what type of taste their friends have and this makes it that much easier to decide where to go. Truffle is currently available for download in the app store.

Truffle App Restaurants