XSHIFTER: Smart bike shifting for everyone

XSHIFTER shifting

Biking is an ubiquitous mode of transport, and a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Many people also make use of bikes for extreme sports, thanks to its easy and fun handling nature. With the widespread adoption of smart technologies for urban transport, such as bikes and powered longboards, it’s now more easier to get from point A to B even in dense and traffic-plagued cities. However, smart tech in bikes comes at a pretty hefty price tag – that is why a smart bike accessory called XSHIFTER can enable any bike to have a smart shifting feature without burning a hole in your wallet. The XSHIFTER is a wireless gear shifter designed to make biking more fun and intuitive.

While smart bikes carry a variety of useful features, such as power assist and push-button gear shifting, the downside is that you have to buy that kind of bike to have the features you want. XSHIFTER offers the advantage of a modular gear shifter upgrade without shelling out lots of money for a brand-new smart bike. What XSHIFTER does is giving you more control over your bicycle’s gear shifting based on the terrain you’re currently biking on. You can wirelessly set your desired gear setting for a variety of biking conditions, such as uphill or cruise mode. Another cool thing about it is that it fits almost any bike – mountain bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes, you name it – and requires a few easy steps to install.

The XSHIFTER, together with the XREMOTE, fits into your existing bike’s gear system and steering bar. It’s so versatile, it can fit any bike with any number of gears. By removing your bike’s existing gear cable connections and manual shifters, you can go from wired to wireless gear shifting on your current bike. It replicates gear shifting positions through electronically-controlled preset settings, which controls gear selections with extreme accuracy. When you need to select the gear you want, all you have to do is press on the XREMOTE and it will do the rest for you.


With a rated battery life of up to an entire month on a single charge, it lets you enjoy wireless gear shifting on your current bike without being regularly tied to the wall outlet. The XSHIFTER and the XREMOTE is able to work for longer thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, which also allows for precise and intuitive wireless control. This wireless connection can be set up from your iOS or Android smartphone via the XSHIFTER app. From the app, you can set your bike’s gear index and send over the gear shifting data to the XREMOTE.

XSHIFTER brings smart gear shifting to any bike you have, bringing out more from your current bike. It lets you gain more control over your biking experience, whatever terrain you’re on.