Pup: Pocket scanner for all uses

Pup Scanner

The ability to scan a document has made the fax machine virtually obsolete. In fact, many businesses do not even have a fax number any more. It now is a normal practice to simply scan and email documents versus faxing them. Most people have a desktop scanner in their home or office, or their scanner is part of an all-in-one printer. We have also seen countless apps that hit the marketplace allowing you to take a picture of a document and convert it to a PDF and then you can send it via email. What if you could use a handheld scanner to copy and send virtually any document that you come across? That is exactly what Pup is, a scanner that lets you share, store, print any document at the push of a button.

Pup is a very simply to use device that can allow to you scan documents wherever you are. You first decide what you want to do with the document you are scanning. Then you press the button and adjust Pup’s laser to fit the document and then you are done, its that simple. The scanner is not just for documents, and can be used to capture pictures from a book or full pages. While many books do have a slight curve in the page, the device will automatically adjust curve issues. Maybe your child just make the most fantastic drawing and you want to share it with family and friends,  not a problem as you can scan and share that as well. With Pup, there are countless uses for the scanner.

Pup Scanner

There are countless feature the device has to make your scans as clear as possible. Auto-crop, anti-reflection, auto-compress, sharpness control, auto-rotate, just to name a few. Pup is very light  and is just 7 ounces. The battery life is approximately 12 hours or close to 1000 pages to scan. It is completely wireless and also has a high level of security to keep your scans safe and secure. OCR to Word and OCR to Excel are other great features and the ability to adjust from small to larger documents to scan.

The Pup seems like one of those devices that once you use it, you will always want to have it with you. Its convenient, lightweight, useful, and allows you to the flexibility to send documents even when you didn’t plan for it.