SPUD: High-resolution, portable pop-up display

SPUD Display

Many working professionals work with computers on a daily basis. In addition, consumers have also become used to large monitors in their homes.  However, big-screen monitors are typically not cheap, quite heavy and bulky, and require a fixed position. This is where the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, or SPUD, comes into play. The SPUD, as its name suggests, is a portable pop-up display that lets you expand your working canvas anywhere you go. Having a pop-up approach also makes setting it up as easy as popping up an umbrella open.

Made to take on the challenge of road warriors from the professional world, SPUD makes it easy to expand your working area without carrying a heavy and bulky external monitor with you. Portability is the key word here – SPUD pops up like an umbrella and gives you an additional 24 inches of screen real estate. As far as its makers claim, there has never been anything of this kind – just yet. Road warriors will appreciate its ruggedness, small footprint, and a lightweight design, as SPUD weighs and sizes roughly of a paperback novel – it’s easier to carry a portable display in your backpack than lug around a full-size external display.

The pop-up display takes its ability to be sprung to life anywhere and anytime from its flexible polymer construction. When popped up, it gives a 24-inch widescreen display that is more than enough for most people to carry over their multiple windows to. Not only it’s made for computers, but it also connects to your Smartphone or tablet via HDMI or a wireless display adapter. It features a combination of a custom optics hardware paired with the latest DLP technology – the same technology found in modern projectors. SPUD’s uses are virtually limitless, and it leaves the rest to you of what you could do with it.

A multitude of technologies enable SPUD to work like magic. Basically, it uses the principle of a projector to render images from a source. The polymer screen canvas was engineered to take various stresses at strategic points, eliminating wrinkling problems. Thanks to its custom optics, SPUD can deliver the same brightness and picture clarity seen in most projectors in a compact space. With a rated brightness of up to 785 nits (the same brightness from 785 pieces of candles lit together), everything on the screen is easier on the eyes even under bright sunlight.

SPUD makes it easy for anyone to expand their working canvas or bring all kinds of content to a bigger scale. It lets you do serious work on the go, or create a widescreen display for a more immersive media experience.