Buffalo: Electric skateboard game-changer

Buffalo Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards work best in cities with a very complex network of roads and transport systems. It lets you go from point A to point B in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat. It also gives you the chance to complete your commute in areas where trains or buses don’t usually go. And the best part is, it goes through the narrowest of streets and paths, making it easy to avoid traffic. While there have been lots of powered boards available, Buffalo is trying to change the game with its dual-powered motor system that gives you the needed boost at your disposal.

Built to be tough, Buffalo comes with durable parts as standard. Dual electric motors rated at 1200 watts each deliver direct power to the base wheels, able to propel Buffalo forward at up to 24 miles per hour. The elastic deck board offers a stable yet compliant ride even on rough surfaces – this is made possible by a bending mechanism that works similar to an expansion joint on the highway. The longboard is made from flexible yet sturdy bamboo to save weight while keeping its durability over time. It’s even tested to work in wet and gravel surfaces, so it’s really up to you where should you go next with this powered board.

If you live in a hilly terrain, Buffalo will make it easier for you to roam around the streets. It’s rated to ride roads up to 20% incline – helpful for everyday hilly streets or just ramping up.  With a built-in regenerative braking feature, you can go further whenever you press the brake on its handheld controller. This feature allows the battery to recharge as you brake, so it’s even more convenient to stay further away from the socket much longer.

Buffalo electric skateboards

Safety is a top priority for Buffalo. Its built-in LED headlights and taillights marks your presence on the road at all times. With just a push of a button on the handheld controller, you can steer clear of other motorists or make your presence by signaling through the LED lamps on the board. There are also three riding modes available, depending on your riding skill level. The Beginner mode limits the speed and adjusts the ride’s acceleration, so you can easily adjust to the board without falling down at first attempts. Moving on to the Cruise and Advanced modes, you can set the speed and acceleration depending on the traffic or environment conditions, and you can unleash the board’s full potential – both in driving distance and throttle adjustments.

The Buffalo electric powered skateboard makes it easier to cruise along the city streets, thanks to a powerful dual motor and a set of smart features.