iCamera KEEP Pro: Ultimate smart home security camera

iCamera KEEP pro security

Securing our home and loved ones is a top priority at all times. That’s why smart devices can help us achieve just that. But with so many devices to choose from, it’s hard to make a definite choice. An ambitious device promises to track and manage security breaches in your home with a combination of smart sensors and a motion-sensitive camera. Meet the iCamera KEEP Pro.

The first of its kind, iCamera KEEP Pro is a do-it-yourself home security camera system that works similar to other high-end security solutions on the market. Built to work in harmony with the proprietary iSmartAlarm home security system, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT for IoT compatibility, iCamera KEEP Pro is a self-contained security camera for your home that carries a lot of smart features with it. Highlighting these features is the motion tracking and detection feature, which is a first among home security cameras. A wide field of view allows the 4-megapixel camera to track and follow any moving object in its horizon. In addition, you can customize certain regions in your home for the camera to track, avoiding false alarms on other moving things such as your pets.

A motorized tilt-and-pan mechanism makes it possible for the camera to detect any suspicious movement from almost anywhere in its reach. It virtually rotates on its own axis in any direction, leaving no room for burglars to hide off. A high-resolution 1080p video recording starts whenever there’s a detected movement. As it records, you can stream the video feed right to your connected smartphone or tablet. iCamera KEEP Pro is smart enough to give you audible alerts on your device whenever there’s a detected break-in attempt, so you can act on it as quickly as possible. These alerts are then being sent off to you over the iSmartAlarm app for iOS and Android devices.

iCamera KEEP pro security

Don’t let the 4-megapixel sensor fool you. It packs the ability to detect motion even at low light, with built-in night vision feature for up to 30 feet away. A highly sensitive microphone also detects signs of break-ins such as breaking glass, footsteps, and even the barking of your dog. Two-way audio also makes it possible to speak to the camera module and send over whatever it hears back to you. The microphone also works to recognize smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sirens, and promptly sends you an alert for you to respond to accordingly.

With a tight integration with IoT-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa, you can set voice commands and the iCamera KEEP Pro will follow your orders. It’s also certified to work with IFTTT, making it easy to use the security camera in sync with many IFTTT-enabled apps and features such as Nest and Dropbox.

The iCamera KEEP Pro makes it easy for you to beef up your home security with a fraction of the cost of other similar high-end systems. With an easy setup and a bunch of security features, iCamera KEEP Pro gives you lots of reasons to take your home security a notch higher.