Immotor GO: Electric scooter your way

Immotor Go Scooter way

We’ve seen lots of portable and personal transportation devices, from powered smart bikes to electric skateboards. They afford us to move around easily and quickly, and saves money on gas. There is, however, a singular problem that plagues skateboards, longboards, and bikes: it’s the learning curve. Many people do not know how to ride a bike, or hover along the streets on a skateboard. But one kind of personal riding companion allows you to ride your way on the city streets without the balancing act – it’s called Immotor GO. The Immotor GO is a smart electric scooter that allows you to ride freely and comfortably, while also being connected to your smart devices on the go.

The three wheels on this thing makes you go from nothing to scooting, without the fuss of having to learn to balance. Immotor GO allows anyone to go anywhere without prior bike or scooter experience. To complement every riding skill level, there are three riding modes available that are based around speed and acceleration levels. With a speed of up to 20 miles per hour and an equal amount of maximum range, it’s easy and quick to go around the city to run errands or complete your last mile to work or school.

It’s also built to be portable and convenient to carry around. Ready to unfold and be folded in just 5 seconds, it’s easy to get up and running just as it is to stow away. As it’s designed to be a first-last mile solution for many commuters in urban areas, Immotor GO carries a lightweight and compact foldable design for an easy ride-on and ride-off accessibility. In addition to being so portable, you can also use it to connect your devices on the go. Built-in power bank and speakers let you charge up your devices while also streaming your tunes on the subway or just taking a break. It even carries a flashlight for emergency situations or whenever you need to look for something in the dark. Hot-swappable battery packs allow you to extend its range while being far away from a wall outlet.

Immotor Go scooter way

A high-rigidity aluminum alloy chassis provide a sturdy yet lightweight structure. Composites on the front give a high-impact resistance for the unexpected. It’s also rated for water resistance with IP54 certification, so it’s ready for rainy conditions and water puddles on the streets. Safety and security is a top priority for Immotor GO, with built-in LED arrays serving as guide lights for fellow motorists and pedestrians, an easy-to-read outdoor data panel on the handle dash, as well as an integrated GPS tracker for theft prevention. Adaptive suspension on all three wheels make for a compliant ride quality at any surface.

The companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices is at the heart of Immotor GO’s seamless connectivity with your smartphone. From the app, it’s easy to track your travels, give your current GPS location with your loved ones, and even set your phone as a wireless key to start it up. Horn sound levels, speed restrictions, and LED lighting intensity can also be customized within the app.

Immotor GO aims to help urban dwellers make the most of their commute in the funnest way possible. A self-balancing ride paired with smart features makes it a sensible option for effortless and portable urban transportation.