Mavericks: A tech-inspired skin care regimen

Mavericks skin care

Things in tech have always followed a defined process to deliver a promised outcome. Many companies that started tech-inspired revolutionary consumer products have built themselves on the same philosophy – that products truly work for a majority of people when it’s based off of a strict usage regimen. Soylent is one good example. It’s the food of the future, at least that’s what its creators say. It’s a tech-based food product similar to a protein shake that makes one full and nourished with essential nutrients for the entire day. One skin care company falls within the same principle, which follows a simple step-by-step process to achieve a highly defined and proper skin management. It’s called Mavericks, a Silicon Valley tech startup that aims to inspire facial care with a tech-based approach.

There are  three products which Mavericks offer, and they work sequentially yet in harmony. Wash is basically the cleanser made to shave off dead skin cells and dirt. Rebuild moisturizes the skin after washing off those facial grime. Finally, Protect works as its name suggests – to help shield the sensitive facial skin from the harmful effects of the Sun. These products work individually yet interlinked through a three-step process, greatly appealing to the tech-inclined. Mavericks caters to the men skin care niche, marketing their products in an all-black, minimalist pump bottles.

Mavericks presents its three products as the three-step process you’ll ever need to get your face in tip-top shape all day, everyday. Yes, there are only three simple steps to follow with its $90 grooming pack called the Face Kit, which includes all three products. It’s inspired by the philosophy that less is sometimes more. A common usage scenario for a typical male would be washing the face and putting on sunscreen in the morning before work, and washing the face again and applying moisturizer at night before hitting the sack.

The products all come in 1.7-ounce bottles, which contains enough product to last for a good amount of time. Key ingredients in each product highlight their core functions. Mavericks takes cues from leading men skin care product lines by incorporating agents such as alpha-hydroxy acid and retinol. Highly sensitive skin should feel welcome with these products, as they come unscented and free of colorants.

Mavericks makes it apparent that tech doesn’t only benefit tangible electronics or other kinds of hardware. Interestingly, tech appeals to skin care as well. A simply engineered three-step process makes it possible for Mavericks to take care of the men skin care market niche by delivering a promise of smoother and more refined facial skin.