Robelf: A smart robot to guard your home

Robelf Guard

Taking your family’s security and safety into an entirely new level is something that could be done with the help of smart devices. But let’s face it – they don’t come cheap. Many smart devices for the home that protect and guard our loved ones 24/7 usually come with a steep price tag, justifying the price to pay for making our homes more resilient to intruders. But one robot is able to do just that and so much more with a lighthearted approach. Meet Robelf, a smart robot that monitors your home and acts as a friendly assistant to keep your home and family safe at all times.

Much like a new family member, Robelf proactively does its job to secure what matters. But what makes it different from other smart home-based robots out there is that it’s a jack of all trades – with lots of functionality ranging from keeping you entertained to making jokes and even storytelling, Robelf is a multi-function robot that does so much more that just secure your loved ones.

Robelf’s Moving Monitoring System works its magic using its free-roaming nature. It constantly scans your home and its surroundings to monitor foreign or unwelcome intruders. From there, the system lets you know of any possible attacks by sending alerts to your connected smartphone or tablet. Even when stationed for charging, it continuously scans its nearby surroundings and be fully aware of any situation. Built-in facial recognition helps Robelf define your family members and close relatives, and alerts you if any unrecognized person comes in. And when you’re away, it still does its job by scanning and monitoring for any changes even without your presence.

Robelf Guard

As it’s built for the Internet of Things, Robelf supports all your connected home devices for you to control with voice commands. The robot acts as a communication bridge that makes a virtual network of your connected home devices, and you can ask Robelf with a simple command to do basically anything your devices can do. Say when you come home and you wanted to adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature, just ask Robelf with a voice command to turn up the thermostat – it does the rest for you.

It’s also the perfect companion for your kids. Built-in storytelling and teaching abilities make it suitable for kids of all ages. Its interactive nature also makes Robelf a futuristic friend that’s able to talk naturally just like anyone could. You can start a conversation, and it responds appropriately. It can even tell jokes! All you have to do is ask.

Robelf is like a personal companion in a robotic form. It keeps your home and loved ones secure at all times, while being able to do things that you can expect from a smart assistant.