Zillion: Change how you use a wallet

Zillion Wallet

Our wallets have been our go-to accessory for easy-access to our money. But with the age of digital money transactions like tap-to-pay and virtual shopping, the wallet has evolved in shape, form, and functionality to fit around the world we live today. Many companies have tried to consolidate the classic wallet into various forms, yet only a handful have lived to the promise of delivering a seamless and smart wallet. One tech startup aims to succeed in transforming the conventional wallet by putting in a slew of smart features that enable it to be connected to you on a personal level. It’s called the Zillion, a wallet for the modern lifestyle.

Zillion attempts to make itself fit to you, not the other way around. With a thin form factor with  the thinness of a modern Smartphone, it takes minimal space  in your pocket or bag. Even with such thin form, it still manages to fit in space for your cash and card. This is made to carry a number of cash bills and up to four of your most frequently used credit cards, saving your pocket from being bulky by making that traditional “wallet butt”. Most people nowadays just carry their cards to buy something, so Zillion made it possible to make carrying your cards a priority over cash.

The story of being thin doesn’t stop at having enough space for cash and cards. This smart holder manages to fit in a generous 2,500-mAh power bank that lets you charge up your phone or other gadget on the go. Underneath its supple sheep leather cover is a power bank that supports devices equipped with either a Lightning connector or a micro-USB port. You can fully charge your iPhone from nothing with just the power bank itself. Who knew a wallet could do this?

Zillion Wallet

Giving you a peace of mind and a sense of security is what makes Zillion a smart wallet. It’s built to be secure and personal at all times, thanks to an audible alarm system which gives you the power to locate your wallet whenever you have misplaced or lost it. With a tight integration with Tile, a mobile lost-and-found app, you can ring Zillion from the app in case you’ve lost sight of it. In addition, you can also track your wallet’s last location and corresponding time and mark it as lost, so other people in the Tile community can help you find it.

Zillion acts like a Swiss Army knife in the world of smart wallets – it gives you a sleek yet functional cash-and-card wallet while also being able to charge up your devices and let itself be known in case you’ve lost it.