Squaggle: Give kids a worry-free tablet experience

Squaggle Tablets

Kids today have been exposed to lots of things on the Internet that were not made for them to see or not yet to know about. Apps with inappropriate images, links to mature/adult websites, and other kinds of content that are not suited for their age. It’s a reality that a huge amount of information on the Web is just a tap away for kids to see. A concerned team of individuals have crafted a fun device to make the browsing experience for kids a lot safer and secure. Squaggle is a kid-friendly tablet that opens up a new kind of playing and browsing on a digital device, with all the security that parents and their kids alike can enjoy.

Squaggle is an 8-inch multimedia tablet that’s designed primarily with a kid’s perspective in mind. It comes preloaded with a variety of apps that help educate and entertain at the same time. Suited for ages 3 to 9, the tablet is built tough to withstand the everyday bumps and scratches from all-day play. Thanks to a high-resolution display, your kids won’t be able to take their eyes from all the popping graphics on screen. In a nutshell, Squaggle wraps up a safe and secure tablet experience for children to enjoy, along with a learning experience that’s made fun by a large-screen display and interactive apps.

Security and safety is top priority for Squaggle. From the ground up, its software has been designed to protect kids from harmful content on the Internet, as well as to give them the freedom to use age-appropriate apps without the annoyances of in-app ads and banner announcements usually found in conventional tablets. The built-in browser helps kids to explore various kinds of information available on the Web while staying within their limits. It has web content filtering that effectively blocks inappropriate content, so you’ll be confident that they’ll only see what they have to see.

The preloaded edutainment apps on the Squaggle tablet provide a rich learning experience that doesn’t compromise on fun. Suited for kids of all ages, these apps provide a venue for honing their creativity and independent thinking. Apps such as coloring pages, math and science lessons, shapes and colors, book reading, and even a Solar System gallery make up some of these preloaded apps. Kids will never run out of things to do with this tablet – they won’t even put this down.

Squaggle Tablets

Some parents have trouble keeping their children away from tablets when the time’s up. Luckily, Squaggle has a built-in time controls that parents can customize just the way they like it. With a simple scheduling scheme, kids can only use the tablet at specific times of the day. In addition, the time control feature also shows an analysis of how much screen time your kids use the tablet each day – this allows you to adjust the hours of usage depending on your kid’s habits.

The kid-friendly tablet experience wouldn’t be possible without a suite of hardware that powers it from within. The combination of a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a large and vibrant 8-inch display, and a generous 5,000-mAh battery keep it running smoothly for up to 5 hours of continuous usage. You can even expand the storage for up to 32GB with a separate microSD card.

Squaggle is built to be your kid’s safe and secure digital playground. A suite of useful apps, secure software, and a combination of efficient hardware make this tablet suitable for kids of all ages. Parents will have a better peace of mind, knowing their kids are exploring the digital world safely.