SIMpro: Connecting two Smartphones made simple

SIMPro for Smartphones

If you have traveled overseas or to another country,  then you probably have experienced changing your SIM card on your Smartphone. The SIM card is that tiny little device that is smaller then your finger tip, yet is so important to your phone. The SIM which is the subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module, is intended to securely store your mobile identity. If you do not have a SIM card, then good luck using your phone.

Many people like to use two Smartphone to switch between business and personal use. However, that usually requires carry two devices and also creates confusion. We have adjusted to carrying Smartphones that are larger then ever before, however, carry two phones for most is a little ‘too much’.  What if you could eliminate the need for carry multiple phones or swapping out your SIM card on a constant basis? Meet SIMpro, which simplifies your life by using one device and one app to control what would be a  second phone or second SIM card.

SIMpro is a dual-SIM adapter with data connection which allows you to activate two numbers using an iOS App. Connecting your devices is done via Bluetooth. The device is the size a credit card and eliminates the need to carry two Smartphones. The battery life on SIMpro lasts up to five days and can be charged via Micro USB. Another great feature is you can record all of your conversations with ease. You can also turn an iPod or iPad into another device for talking.

Even if you have not had a need to switch SIM cards, you may find yourself in need of SIMpro. Many Smartphone users have wanted to have a second telephone number, however, for most it was never a viable option. There are times where you might want to give a colleague or business associate your phone number, yet you do not want to be bothered after hours. Switching between SIM cards is now just as easy as pressing one button. This can help you manage your calls, your time, and your privacy!