Gate: All-in-one smart deadbolt lock

Gate lock

Now more than ever we are concerned about the safety and security in our homes. In today’s rise of smart and connected things, door locks have reaped the benefits of being connected with our everyday devices. In addition, these locks have smart features  that give us a high sense of security and peace of mind. With a variety of smart locks available, there has never been a single kind that combines convenience and security in a deadbolt lock – without the need for other modules or accessories to work. It’s called Gate, a new kind of smart lock that combines all the features you would find in a smart lock system, all in a single enclosure.

Basically, Gate combines three key features in a singular lock. First, it is a smart lock with a key cylinder mechanism. By combining automated and manual ways to unlock your door, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will not get locked out. Whenever you have your door key, you can always unlock Gate. But for the sake of convenience, you can also have your door automatically unlocked with just your Smartphone. You can even set Gate to be scheduled to unlock automatically for certain times of day – say you go home every day from work at 6 p.m., and you always arrive on time. Gate can unlock your door for you, without even lifting a finger. The lock can also be set to recognize your family members, so whenever they come home, you can authorize Gate to unlock with just a simple swipe from your Smartphone.

Along with the security of both keyed and automatic access, Gate also features a numeric keypad that works just like a secure vault. With this, you can enter your desired combination lock code to unlock your door. This comes quite handy if you tend to rent out your house or apartment, or if you have guests coming over and you won’t be there on the exact time to welcome them personally. From your Smartphone, you can program a four-digit code for easy access to the Gate smart lock.

Gate lock

Last (but certainly not least) is the motion-activated camera, which works in sync with the Gate mobile app for iOS and Android. Whenever there is someone coming near your door, the camera will be activated and will live-stream the feed to your Smartphone. You can then verify the person on your phone, and tell Gate either to unlock or stay locked. This is a highly secure feature which ensures that only the ones you trust can only have access to any room you install Gate in.

In addition to these security features, Gate also combines a two-way speaker and doorbell system. The lock acts as a doorbell, which is activated by the call button on the outside. A two-way speaker makes it possible for you to speak with anyone who’s trying to get in, making sure that you only let the right persons into your house or room. A highly durable zinc-strengthened aluminum chassis ensures the lock’s stability over time, and can withstand break attempts. It also has a rechargeable battery that lets you use the lock for up to 4 months on a single charge.

With so many people getting more concerned about home security nowadays, Gate comes at the right time as a fully-featured smart lock solution. It combines the convenience of manual and automated unlocking, an advanced motion-sensing camera, and a durable enclosure, making it an all-in-one smart lock that is able to provide a high level of security in homes and offices.