SmartShow Mug: Keeping you hydrated

SmartShow Mug hydrated

Do you keep yourself hydrated everyday? Many people often neglect the habit of drinking proper amounts of water or other liquids that are needed by our body in order to function properly. But now, with a smart mug, you don’t have any excuses not to keep yourself hydrated daily. Meet the SmartShow Mug, a smart mug that packs in intelligent features that constantly monitors your water intake, and helps you adjust your water drinking habits based on your daily activities. Moreover, it lets you know if you have safe water wherever you go.

SmartShow Mug packs in cool features that helps you complete your much needed amounts of water or any other fluids such as tea or juice in a single day. For starters, it has a smart personalized hydration plan, where it presents you your recommended fluid intake for activities you’re going to do. Say you wanted to take your daily run – the mug will show you how much water or fluid you must drink before you get to it. These recommendations are based on your body metrics, such as weight, height, age, gender, and lifestyle. From these, the mug calculates how much fluid should you drink at any given time or activity. It prompts you at just the right time when you need it, thanks to its integrated mobile app.

Need to know how hot or cold your drink is? SmartShow Mug lets you know your water’s temperature just before you drink it. If you fancy drinking cold, the built-in indicator will turn blue. Otherwise, if your drink is about 50 degrees Celsius or hotter, the indicator turns red – you need not worry burning your tongue again after trying to drink your hot tea.

SmartShow Mug Hydration

With a durable enclosure made of Triton material, the mug is able to withstand even your hot beverages such as tea or coffee up to 109 degrees Celsius. The durable material also makes it convenient to wash and be taken anywhere – ready to endure your daily routines.

Within the mug is a sensor that detects how clean your water is. With a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurement, it can tell if your water is pure, undrinkable, or anything in between. You can always make sure that you drink clean water, even if you’re on the go. And with up to 10 hours on a single charge, you can take the mug anywhere you go and still have access to its smart features.

SmartShow Mug is a clever solution to the problem of dehydration among many people. With its slew of smart features built in, you can keep track of the quality of your water and stay on top of your daily activities by being more hydrated.