ZuziLite: The ultimate smart connected lamp

Zuzilite Lamp

Lamps are an important outdoor accessory – it keeps the nights lit and sets the mood. It’s also been a fixture for bedrooms, allowing you to have that perfect mood for slumber. While lamps have been around for so long, it never had a smart upgrade until now. ZuziLite is a smart lamp that takes the humble lamp and turn it into something that will place it with today’s web of interconnected things. Intuitive controls with your smartphone or tablet can make it light up for a variety of moods, making it suitable for your bedside or your next camping trip.

While other smart lamp solutions have been the fixed type – Philips Hue, for example – and there have been no other smart lamps out there that offers flexibility for a variety of uses. ZuziLite isn’t fixed to a lamp socket; instead, it takes the form of a lantern that is infinitely moveable and can be brought and placed anywhere. And with an effective brightness of 450 lumens and support for over 16 million colors, the color lighting options that ZuziLite can offer is practically limitless. You can use it to brightly illuminate your romantic dinner table, outdoor parties, and camping trips depending on the mood you want. In addition, it’s also allows you to dim for the perfect brightness you need.

The last thing you want to worry about is finding a wall socket to charge this up. ZuziLite conveniently offers up to 10 hours of continuous usage on a single charge, and possibly more hours when used intermittently. This allows you to take it wherever you want, such as in hiking trips where wired lighting is never an option. It also easily charges over a USB connection, so you can charge it up with your laptop, power bank, or car charger.

Zuzilite Lamp

ZuziLite’s cool features such as infinite color settings can be set using its companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices. From the app, you can set the hue and brightness of your lighting, as well as to turn it on or off. While you can set these from the app, the physical unit itself has capacitive touch controls along the bottom which you can control with simple swipes and taps.

It operates wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0, with a working distance of 10 meters from your phone. Within that distance, you can control the lighting with your smartphone or tablet. It’s also made to be energy efficient thanks to LED lighting technology. On full brightness, it only consumes 5 watts of power – so you can have your smart lighting going on for longer.

Smart technologies like power-saving LEDs also makes it your ultimate lighting companion wherever you go. It can be placed anywhere, or carried along for your next outdoor trip. With its cool features and portability, ZuziLite offers a flexible smart lighting solution in a minimalist form factor.