SMOVE: Smooth, pro-looking videos with your phone

SMOVE Videos

Have you ever been in a situations when you’re taking videos with your phone, and your battery just went off? You can’t just let that happen again, right? With the SMOVE phone stabilizer, you can have two things at once. It stabilizes your phone, giving you smooth, professional-quality footage’s while keeping your phone fully powered up all throughout.

There are many Smartphone stabilizers out right now, but they only do the singular purpose of making your video recordings stable and smooth. What SMOVE has that makes it differ from others is that it keeps your phone charged up while you record. It takes lots of battery juice to get through your entire shoot, so it’s going to be a lot easier to manage your phone’s recordings without getting off the grid.

It’s small enough to carry along anywhere you go – it actually fits in your pocket, so you don’t have to go fumbling around bags or caddies to look for that one stabilizer. With its small form factor, it’s made for grab-and-go. As easy it is to carry, it’s also a cinch to put in your smartphone and start recording. With a 360-degree rotating arm, SMOVE gives you the flexibility to move your phone around to get that perfect angle.

The fully flexible rotating arm also functions to guide you in getting the perfect panorama photos. Just put in your phone, set it from the SMOVE unit itself, and let it automatically capture either 180-degree or 360-degree panoramas – you can get great results in two ways, depending on what you prefer to shoot.

SMOVE videos

The magic of the stabilizing feature comes with the right hardware. SMOVE utilizes a pitch-and-pan motor that accesses real-time orientation and moves the rotating arm to stabilize your phone. SMOVE automatically does the complicated part for you, so you only have to think about shooting your videos and let it do the rest.

Another cool feature is the face follow function, which makes use of tracking your facial features and keeps the phone stable relative to your face. With this, you can shoot your own selfie videos with ease. This feature also uses the stabilizer motor, so you get smooth videos whatever you’re doing. This clever trick is made possible with the SMOVE app, which you install on your phone before you record.

SMOVE is fully compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, with screen sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches.

Getting the most out of your smartphone’s camera can be made possible with the help of SMOVE. You get stable, smooth, pro-looking videos, as well as immersive panoramas – all in a single device that never lets the sun go down on your device whenever you’re in the action.