Picbot: Smart tripod for next-level photos and videos

Picbot Tripod

Have you ever imagined your photos and videos would look a whole lot better than you’d normally expect? Or maybe you dream of creating those professional-looking panoramas and time-lapses out of your smartphone? A new cool gadget can make your everyday photography a notch higher by taking advantage of your Smartphone camera. It’s called Picbot, a smart tripod mount that combines the essential usefulness of a tripod and the advanced features of a camera stabilizer, all in a single package. Along with its smart software enhancements, it can bring new life to your smartphone camera for better photos and videos.

It’s a motorized tripod that works to help you achieve buttery smooth videos and crisp photos. Just put your smartphone on the provided slot, connect the phone to the mount using the Picbot mobile app, and you’re good to go. The most highlighted feature is the ability to make time-lapse footage’s out of your smartphone – all without you having to stick around for your phone for so long. Picbot allows hands-free operation, so with just a few taps, you can set the mount to slowly move the phone while recording video over a time frame.

Another cool feature is the facial tracking feature, where you can record yourself or others by tracking the facial movement of your subject. The mount lets you record videos without the need to constantly move the phone for tracking what you’re taking. This feature not only works for videos, but for photos too – you can set the mount to take stills with a precisely centered frame, so you need not worry about centering your subject. The mount rotates a full 360 degrees for greater flexibility in taking photos and videos.

Picbot Tripod

Panoramas taken with your smartphone will never be the same again. Picbot allows for automated panorama shooting, enabled by the Picbot mobile app. You can take either 180-degree or full 360-degree panoramas with great detail, thanks to a stable and smooth motorized movement. You can even jump into the panoramic scene after initializing the capture itself, so you can never be left out of the fun.

Because the Picbot is essentially a tripod, it lets you do timed still captures with an automatic capture feature. Just jump into the scene, and Picbot will automatically sense your presence and do the rest. You can have beautiful stills without being pressed with a limited three- or ten-second timer.

The Picbot mobile app is powerful enough to take your photos to the next level with a suite of software enhancements. Edit your captured stills on the fly with built-in filters and retouching options for white balance, saturation, brightness, and so much more. The app welcomes you with a clean layout of controls, so you can focus on the end result and less on fussing around.

Photos and videos on our mobile devices have become part of our everyday lives. Picbot makes it possible for us to make our memories even better with a suite of smart features built right into