Blade: On-the-go storage and power solution

Blade Storage

Many Smartphone owners typically have built-in 16 GB of storage or less – it stems out from the wide user base of entry-level iPhone and Android users who thought they wouldn’t need so much space on their phone. As their storage needs increased, these phones break the limits on how much to store, and it is a real inconvenience for some. Luckily there’s a workaround for that, and in addition to increasing their storage, this ultra-portable accessory also lets them share files across other devices and charge up their phone at the same time. It’s called Blade, an all-in-one file storage and power solution for the ultimate road warrior.

Coming at a thinner form than the old iPhone 5, Blade packs in so much within a slim enclosure. It fits right in any pocket, ready to go anywhere you take it. In this slim chassis are two main features: it’s a universal on-the-go file storage and sharing solution for all devices, and a portable power bank. And with a companion mobile app, it’s easy to manage your files and see charging stats as you go. It’s quite hard to believe to see all these features in this tiny enclosure.

From Smartphones and tablets, to even DSLR and outdoor action cameras, Blade makes it easy for users to share and store files across all their devices, so there is no need to bring specific card readers for each device. With built-in microSD card support for up to 256 GB, there is virtually no limit to what you can store and share. Say you wanted to transfer footages from your GoPro to your iPhone or Android device without a computer – it’s made easy by just inserting the SD card on Blade, and connect your smartphone to read the card’s contents.

Blade Storage

A built-in 4000 mAh battery pack also packs in lots of power juice for your next trip. Blade supports both Lightning and micro-USB connections for iPhones, Android devices, and many other portable electronics, so you can easily charge up any device at any moment you might need it. Blade makes it possible to simultaneously charge up any of your devices while also letting you share files across devices or use it as a temporary external drive. It’s a true multi-tasker and time saver for those times that you need to do something quick without losing your device’s precious battery life.

With the Blade mobile app, you can easily monitor your charging stats with complete battery information and how long should your device charge. The app is also kind enough to let you know of your storage stats, so you know how much you have left on any device or microSD card you plug in. A pretty useful feature is contacts backup, letting you store all of your contacts from one device to the next or to your SD card of choice. Blade can help you manage your contacts without you going through each one.

We are often faced with battery life and storage shortages while on the go, and Blade comes as a very indispensable tool for whenever these needs come up.