AP40: Bluetooth controller for all your devices

AP40 controller

Playing games on our Smartphones and tablets are a lot of fund, and provide hours of entertainment. However, at times it seems that we are struggling to control the movement in the game itself. Have you ever been playing a game on your Smartphone and find that you are turn the entire screen sideways despite the fact the game does not use an accelerometer? Chances are the answer is yes, because you thought it would help make that better turn on the race track or make that winning shot in a game. Meet AP40, a Bluetooth controller that connects to virtually any device to make your gaming experience a lot of fun.

AP40 is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and others devices. The first thing you notice is the fantastic retro look of the controller, and yes it does resemble the Apple colors and design scheme. The controller is designed to be simple, and to provide ease of use. Even if you were not born in the era of ‘old school’ remote controllers, you will find the AP40 very easy to use. It also has a retro receive line, which allows you to use the AP40 on old systems such the the NES, SNES and now the Apple IIc.

Keeping to its theme of retro, there is a a small stand that can hold your Smartphone or tablet while playing your favorite game. This allows you to keep your device at an angle while playing and gives your a complete gaming system while on the go. Apple lovers will get a kick out of the stand as it looks like an original Apple 2 computer.

AP40 Controller

The controls on the AP40 are standard from what you would be used to on a modern control. On the top of the until it has power, manual, return, and pairing functions. The face of the controller is what you will use for playing and has a 4 button arrow for up, down, left and right. The standard select and start buttons and a left and right thumb controller. It also has  X,Y,A, and B buttons insuring that you can play almost any game that is available. The battery life on the controller is approximately 20 hours, which is enough to withstand those long gaming sessions. The controller also has an impressive 32 foot range to whatever device you are using.

The concept of the AP40 is very simple, and will provide a lot of fun. Besides for your own use, chances are you have countless friends that would get a kick out of having one as well.