Zero Breeze: Bring the heat down anywhere

Zero Breeze for Heat

You might wonder if you could take the comforts of an air-conditioned room anywhere you go. Well, you can stop wondering. A new device lets you do just that and more. Meet Zero Breeze, a portable air conditioning device that lets you cut out the sweltering heat and cool yourself down. It also packs in useful features that helps you get the most out of your outdoor trips while staying cool and connected.

First off, it’s a true air conditioner in itself – not just an air cooler. While conventional air coolers use water or ice to work, Zero Breeze has a rotary compressor similar to what you usually find in standard air conditioning units, albeit way smaller. It’s able to pack a true air conditioning unit into a small and light enclosure that you can take anywhere. You can use it two ways: you can use it in a small room or office while plugged in, or you can go completely untethered and use the built-in battery pack to keep yourself cool anywhere for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

A fully adjustable three-speed fan setting and three cooling modes lets you customize the intensity of the cooling effect as you please. If you need to use it indoors, a supplied flexible hose can be pulled outside to gain more fresh air and cool a certain room more effectively. With a rated capacity of cooling a 50-square-foot room down to 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it really is a real cooling solution for dorm rooms, small offices, and other similar spaces.

Zero Breeze also packs a set of nifty features to make your outdoor activities more enjoyable. The built-in battery pack also functions as a portable power bank for up to two of your gadgets, such as Smartphones and tablets. Two USB ports let you connect and charge your devices simultaneously. It also has a built-in speaker with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can stream your tunes free from wires. Outfitted with a powerful 250-lumens LED lamp on the fan outlet, it also makes a good portable lamp for whenever you need lighting at night. A user-friendly touch-sensitive control panel features controls for the cooling, charging, and music streaming functions.

Being able to cool you down and help you stay connected while outdoors, Zero Breeze can be a valuable companion device. Smart cooling paired with smart features are all you need to be cozy on your next outdoor trip.