Wazer: your own desktop waterjet

Wazer Waterjet

Have you ever had an idea to make something, and only to be discouraged when learning the cost of manufacturing or production? Most likely the answer is yes. Every entrepreneur, inventor or day-dreamer has thought about the next cool product only to find it’s incredibly costly just to make one piece or one part of production. The Wazer desktop waterjet cutter is changing the way for personal manufacturing.

Wazer is an amazing device that can cut different materials into whatever design and shape you need, or can imagine. It uses abrasive particles combined with a high pressure water stream to make precision cuts into almost any material. It uses less than 10-20% of the water used from a conventional shower head, keeping your costs very low. You can be in your workshop, home, or any location you can find and be able to cut steel, aluminum, glass, stone, tile, and carbon fiber. You will have precision cuts since everything is digital. Simply set up Wazer and let the cutting begin. This will allow you to spend over time working on other things instead of countless hours trying to cut materials by hand, and some of which would be impossible to cut yourself without equipment.

Wazer Waterjet

Traditional waterjets can cost upwards of $100,000 dollars, but Wazer is just a fraction of the cost and allows you to become your own personal manufacturer overnight. The technology that Wazer has is phenomenal and there are really no boundaries to what materials it can cut. It also requires no ventilation allowing you to operate it anywhere. Cutting results in smooth surface finishes and no heat-induced material warping, this is vital for any production.

Being able to make your own products can lower your price point and save considerable time. It also gives you the freedom to experience and to push the boundaries for your projects. The device is extremely versatile and durable. You might want to use it for cutting tiles for a home project. And the next day you might have an urge to create a glass art,or make a prototype out of steel, make a new part for your bicycle, or fulfill an order for a client.

There are no boundaries to what you can make using Wazer, it’s whatever you can imagine.