Betterspot: Safer, faster VPN-enabled router

Betterspot router

The Internet is the backbone of our digital life. It lets us do a wide variety of things that help us connect and collaborate with others. With all the perks it brings to the table, also comes along great security risks such as identity theft, account hacking, and many other cyber-crimes. The only thing most people do to counteract these things is to use a virtual private network or VPN, which shields their Internet activity from possible online attacks. However VPNs come at a premium, and requires you to configure it individually among your devices. One smart solution from a tech startup is to create a router that consolidates the tedious VPN setup for you and immediately gives you protection for your online activities. It’s called Betterspot, a VPN-enabled router developed by Betternet. What it does is to act like a normal wireless router, but with added security features.

Housed in a sleek square form with rounded corners, Betterspot almost looks like the Apple’s AirPort Express router. It’s small enough to be taken anywhere in your bag or purse, and in a few steps you can enjoy a more secure and safer Internet experience. Two WAN ports lets you simultaneously plug in an Ethernet connection source and your PC for a secure, high-speed wired Internet access. After all, it’s built to be a wireless router – it supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi protocols for better reliability across all your connected devices. Betterspot takes care of securing your connections without lifting a finger.

Betterspot router

The VPN feature of this router lets you do things that are usually banned in some areas due to regional restrictions. Say you wanted to watch something on Netflix, yet your country doesn’t have the service yet. With Betterspot, you can mask your location as if you’re in a different country, and continue to enjoy services that are only available in that country. The built-in VPN also works to shield you off from hackers who might be looking into your online habits or trying to compromise your sensitive information. In addition to its built-in VPN feature, Betterspot also lets you switch to connect to the Tor anonymity network, a free volunteer-based network encryption service that deeply secures your connections and masks your IP address so no one can ever see what you’re doing and where you really are.

Betterspot works its full potential thanks to its companion mobile app. You can control the router within the app in just a few taps, making switches to either VPN or Tor, and setting up your masked location and filtering options for added security.

Thinking about your online security is a huge deal. What Betterspot does is upgrading your online experience with a safer and more secure connectivity across your devices, wherever you may go.