Jolt: Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee anywhere

Jolt Coffee

Wouldn’t it be convenient to take your good ol’ French press coffee maker into something that’s easy to carry anywhere, and can make you a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea in minutes? Meet Jolt, a smart portable coffee brewer that uses clever tricks up its sleeve to make you a delicious cup of coffee or tea whenever and wherever you want to. Its goal is to take off the fuss of making your hot beverage, and be portable enough to carry around.

Combining the magic of the traditional coffee maker and a thermos, along with a heating mechanism that sets the exact temperature for brewing coffee and tea, it’s poised to be a smart and portable single-serve hot beverage maker. Jolt promises to make a single-serve, 8-ounce coffee or tea in less than 10 minutes. This is made possible with the use of a smart heating system that takes the temperature of the water to 200º Fahrenheit in just 4 minutes – the optimum brewing temperature that brings out the best coffee or tea extract possible. It might be quicker to brew your own coffee or tea than falling in line to buy a tall Starbucks cup. In addition, you have the option to choose whatever coffee blend or tea variety you want to brew, making it more personal and fit to your taste and liking.

Jolt has a built-in rechargeable, swappable battery pack that’s enough to make multiple brews. This battery pack fits at the bottom of the unit, and carries the dual-coil heating element it needs to reach the brewing temperature. You can carry a few battery packs if you don’t want to hug the wall charger so often. The size of the Jolt itself is made to fit your car’s cup holder, making it more convenient for you to take it on your everyday drive. It’s also designed to automatically shut off after each brewing, which saves battery life. A spill-proof lid ensures that you don’t spill or waste your freshly brewed beverage on the go.

Jolt Coffee

Thanks to a double-walled enclosure, Jolt can keep your coffee or tea hot for longer. It is rated to just drop 10 degrees Fahrenheit from the original brewing temperature after several hours, making sure that you get the exact same drinking experience even after prolonged resting periods.

It is also made to take in other kinds of beverages like hot chocolate and soup, and you can even mix in sugar and milk or cream directly on the brewing reservoir – you won’t need another cup just to mix your perfect blend of java or tea.

Jolt is made to take your usual coffee or tea maker into a portable device you can carry around anywhere. It’s designed to make a single-serve batch of your favorite hot beverage, so you get a delicious serving every single time.