Koala Hoodie: Smart hoodie for the on-the-go

Koala Hoodie

Hoodies are the most preferred go-to piece of clothing for when the outdoors are a bit chilly, or when you’re bound on a long flight and you’d expect the AC would be cranked way too cold. It keeps you cozy and warm throughout, and protects you too from strong winds or snow. The cool thing about them is that it’s versatile enough to blend with your everyday, casual wear – it just works. But what about taking the humble hoodie to the next level, adding smart features that adds even more convenience? It’s the exact thing that Koala Hoodie wants to deliver. It’s a hoodie with smart features that enhance your daily commute, keeps you comfortable for long trips, secures your belongings and makes them ready at your disposal whenever you need them, and even pack power for your gadgets so you stay online for longer.

Fifteen – that’s the total number of features packed within the Koala Hoodie. It boasts fifteen useful features that you couldn’t possibly imagine to be in such clothing. Among these features, three of them really stand out to make your trips worthwhile while keeping you comfy at all times.

First, it has a built-in neck pillow. Yes, you read that right. The hood itself is tucked with a neck pillow that’s inflatable with just two blows. You won’t need to bring a separate neck pillow for those long red-eye flights – just give it air and you can enjoy resting your head wherever you are.

It also has a bottle opener zipper, which works two ways: it lets you close or open your hoodie freely depending on your preference, and its zip is a bottle opener by itself – just align the bottle crown on the zip hook, and work the crown like you would with a normal bottle opener. You can enjoy a bottle of beer in seconds, and its more convenient than bringing a bulky bottle opener or a Swiss knife which can be restricted at airports.

Koala Hoodie

Losing your phone or tablet’s charge is a total bummer when you’re out and about. That’s why Koala Hoodie gives you a built-in power bank rated at 3800 mAh – enough to recharge your iPhone, and then some. Just pop in any USB cable for your device, and charge it up. You can also easily detach the power bank for when you need to lay your devices on a table or desk. The power bank itself has a built-in flashlight, so you can use it to find items in the dark or enjoy reading your favorite book on a night trip.

Its slew of other useful features come in really handy. It has a bunch of pockets designed to take and protect your pens, passports, your phone, and even your glasses. The hood itself lowers down as an eye mask, and has a built-in cushion padding for added comfort. It has air vents strategically placed in areas that might get warm in humid weather.

The Koala Hoodie is truly a smart upgrade from your usual hoodie. Its smart, useful features make it a true outdoor companion, making it suitable for long trips or your everyday commute. It stashes your essential items safely and securely, while also making it easy for you to grab them whenever you need to.