Bixpy Jet: personal water-jet that takes you anywhere

Bixpy Jet on Water

Technology continues to change every industry on a daily basis. Whether it’s in automotive, manufacturing, computers and countless other sectors, there is no denying that we are seeing products that are really changing the way we work and play. One product that is taking the outdoor space by storm is the Bixpy Jet, which is a modular and portable water-jet propulsion.

Bixpy is design to attach to your existing watercraft such as kayaks and stand-up paddle boards (SUP). It functions as a smaller external or can offer a boost of power when you need it. You do not need to purchase new equipment as the device will work with most existing watercraft’s. The purpose of Bixpy is not to take away the experience of having you paddle while on the water, it is to help you when are tired and feel like you need a break. Or, you can use the device the device if you start to experience some rough waters and need to get to shore quickly. It is also helpful if you need to travel further distances then you are used to, and help beginners that are just getting used to paddling.

Bixpy is incredibly light weight at just over 2 lbs and has the ability to reach speeds of up to 7 mph depending on which watercraft you are powering. The device is powered by batteries and the length of time will all depend on how many full throttle uses that you will use. You control the water-jet by wireless remote control that can be work on your wrist or on your paddle. They have made it very easy to operate allowing you to focus on exploration and fun. Changes are you will never look at outdoor water actives in the same light once you experience using Bixpy.

Bixpy jet on water

One of the unique and cool features is Bixpy transforms into the ultimate underwater diving device titled Bixpy Swim Jet. Weighing in at just over 5 lbs and that includes the battery, you can dive underwater at the click of a button. This takes scuba and snorkeling to the next level in any environment.

Bixpy Jet is revolutionizing the way outdoor watercraft’s can function and takes kayaking and SUP’s to another level. The company has gained a large amount of exposure, including being featured on Adventure Capitalist which airs on CNBC television. This product is indeed a game changer.