Arc Board: Smallest, lightest electric skateboard

Arc boards skateboards

It’s great to have a last mile vehicle for your daily grind at the commute. It saves you money, and gets you to your work or wherever you want to go quickly and in style. Now, a Singaporean tech startup aims to make the lightest and most portable powered skateboard. It’s called the Arc Board.

Hailing from the urban city-state of Singapore, the Arc Board is made to help you make your commute easy without the unnecessary bulk and weight commonly associated with electric-powered boards. As many city residents commonly make their way to work or school via public transportation, it was imperative for the Arc Board design team to make the lightest and most portable electric skateboard there would be. The Arc Board measures just 22 inches long and weighs approximately 7.7 pounds. In comparison, the lightest rival people mover would be the ACTON Blink Lite – it has the same weight but a longer deck at roughly 27 inches.

Owing to its lightweight construction, Arc Board is able to run up to 11 miles per charge. Clocking in a top speed of 15 miles per hour, it has enough power and speed to zip you through traffic, or go from your home to the nearest train station and back. In addition, it handles steep inclines of up to 15 percent, so you can ride your way through elevated car parks or hilly streets without breaking a sweat.

Arc Boards Skateboards

A built-in 1,200-Watt brushless DC motor does all the hard work. This motor is belt-driven, which is directly coupled to the rear pair of wheels. It also takes advantage of regenerative braking, so whenever you brake it automatically sends that braking energy to the battery as additional power. A quick charge of 40 minutes lets you have 80% of your total battery life.

The Arc Board’s wireless remote controller is ergonomically designed to fit most hands in total comfort. When it’s stowed in your bag or pocket, it doesn’t take too much space. It connects to the board wirelessly via a secure Bluetooth connection. At 2.4 GHz, the wireless controller communicates to the board without signal distortions, avoiding potential reliability issues like delayed responses. The remote is fairly easy to use with a single scroll wheel similar to what you’d find on a computer mouse. Roll it forward, and the board will go in the forward direction. Roll it backwards to brake or move in reverse.

Last mile solutions like the Arc Board takes away part of the hassle in your commute. It’s light enough to be a commute companion, yet powerful enough to help you make the most out of your everyday city journey.