BopPad: Smart and intuitive drum pad

BopPad Drum Pads

BopPad is a smart electronic drum pad for the most discerning drummers and percussionists. Thanks to its range of smart features, it lets you do so much more with drums on a digital scale. With this, you can connect your PC and compose drum patterns with ease and flexibility.

BopPad has an extremely wide dynamic range and measures strike velocity. It exactly knows whether you’re just soft-drumming or hitting it hard with slams. Either way, BopPad is flexible to give accurate acoustic feedback from your inputs, thanks to its algorithms that determine exactly how hard you’re drumming.

From a material standpoint, a robust and finely-tuned 10-inch round elastomer surface is layered on top of a patented Smart Sensor Fabric made by BeBop. At the core of BopPad is a single large sensor made from the 8th-gen Smart Sensor fabric. The smart fabric is responsible for pressure detection and analyzing strike velocity, while the elastomer provides a tactile feel that’s similar to what you’d expect from traditional drums.

In addition, BopPad can also be used as a conventional practice pad – you can practice your drum sessions using this smart pad, giving a realistic drum feel that you can take wherever you go.

BopPad Drum pads

Multiple drum patterns are right at home with BopPad. It can detect multiple touches in the sense that you can press down and get one note and then press again and get a re-trigger of that note without releasing the first press. Moreover, if you’d like to use multiple BopPad units at once, you can do so. Since it uses a USB connection to your computer, multiple BopPads can work seamlessly together and grouped as input devices. The only limit you’ll have is the number of USB ports your computer has.

BopPad’s hardware wouldn’t be of use without its companion software. The BopPad Editor software is equipped with real-time tools and controls, so you can have a bird’s-eye view of what you’re doing. Available for the Windows desktop and for iOS, the BopPad Editor lets you assign certain areas in the drum called “quadrants”, which you can configure to preset notes you’d like to hear when you hit that specific area. In addition, you can also choose from drumming modes from minimal to loud, depending on what drum output you want. A Web MIDI app is also being developed so you can design presets for BopPad from a web browser.

Making music with drums is a vital part of the craft. BopPad makes it possible for almost anyone to easily create drum patterns for their music pieces, or use it as an invaluable rehearsal tool for drumming sessions on the go.